Top 50 Paleo Diet Blogs of 2024

In the last several years, the Paleo diet has changed the way many people eat – and for those of us who are wondering how to make a go of it, there are a multitude of Paleo diet blogs. But the Paleo diet is about more than stuffing your face with scads of meat. In fact, most people following a Paleo eating style have a diet packed full of fruits and veggies.

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Paleo eating offers an array of health benefits and is often used to address a wide range of autoimmune conditions, blood sugar imbalances, obesity and more. Our top 50 Paleo diet blogs will leave you feeling inspired and ready to get cooking in the kitchen!

Chris Kresser


The Scoop: Chris’ website is filled with in-depth, evidence-based information about a wide range of health topics, from food additives to fats to gut health, along with a podcast, e-books, and a ton of Paleo-style recipes.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Still Think Low-Fat Dairy is the ‘Healthy’ Choice? Think Again.

Balanced Bites


The Scoop: Diane Sanfillipo is a Paleo rockstar and her two books Practical Paleo and Mediterranean Paleo are staples in any Paleo-inspired kitchen. Her sense of humour combined with simple and delicious recipes make for a winning combo!

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Hot and Sweet Ginger-Garlic Chicken

The Primal Desire

Paleo-Hummus-primal desire - Paleo Diet Blogs


The Scoop: This Canadian duo takes a team approach to Paleo blogging. Their website is fun, witty and full of interesting and creative Paleo recipes.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Paleo Hummus

Paleo Crumbs


The Scoop: This fantastic blog is written by Macy, the daughter of one of our CNE program grads. She started blogging as a young teen and kept going! You won’t be able to stop drooling over her gorgeous photos and recipes!

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: No Bake Chocolate Mint Fudge Brownies

Nom Nom Paleo


The Scoop: Called the Martha Stewart of Paleo, Michelle Tam is an ex-pharmacist who began blogging about the Paleo diet in 2010. She’s since become a best-selling cookbook author, plus she has an award-winning iPad cookbook app.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Magic Mushroom Powder

The Paleo Mom


The Scoop: This blog, written by a scientist and (obviously) mom who lost 120 pounds on the Paleo diet, makes scientific concepts easy to understand and offer tips for raising a healthy Paleo family.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Gluten-Free Diets Can Be Healthy for Kids

Primal Palate


The Scoop: This husband and wife duo are behind this popular blog, which features Paleo and allergen-friendly recipes, menu plans, videos and more. They’re also the authors of four cookbooks.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Gut-Healing Blueberry Gummies

Stupid Easy Paleo


The Scoop: Steph is a high school science teacher and holistic nutritionist who’s on a mission to make Paleo eating, well, stupid easy. There are a ton of resources on her site, including a free mini e-course, videos and downloadable shopping guides.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Why Paleo Donuts Suck

Against All Grain

Against All Grain Sandwich Bread - Paleo Diet Blogs


The Scoop: Danielle, a best-selling cookbook author and self-trained chef, cured herself of the autoimmune disease ulcerative colitis by following a grain-free diet. Her blog is full of delicious recipes that inspire people to enjoy food, not feel deprived.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Grain-Free Sandwich Bread

The Paleo Diet


The Scoop: Dr. Loren Cordain is basically the godfather of the Paleo diet, and on this blog, he combines his knowledge with a plethora of other experts to offer recipes, articles and research about eating Paleo.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: This Is Your Brain on Paleo

Mangia Paleo


The Scoop: What happens when a bread and pasta-loving Italian develops severe stomach issues? Stefanie turned to a Paleo diet and hasn’t looked back – and has been living deliciously ever since.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Paleo Stracciatella

Rubies and Radishes


The Scoop: After many years of being a ‘carb-atarian’ (a vegetarian who lives off bread, pasta and sandwiches), Arsy was introduced to the Paleo diet, which pumped her full of energy and made constant headaches a thing of the past.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Digestion Mocktail

Primal Yum


The Scoop: Rosita grew up with every allergy under the sun and was perpetually ill and overweight. When her sister encouraged her to try the Paleo diet, she discovered that she could live a life full of pep, and lost the stubborn weight (along with those carb-y cravings).

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Peach and Coconut Mess

Mark’s Daily Apple


The Scoop: Mark’s website has educated and inspired a countless number people to consider the Paleo diet. Using a ton of evidence and critical thinking, Mark explores evolutionary science and encourages others to take responsibility for their health.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: 7 Common Calorie Myths We Should All Stop Believing

Hunter Gatherer


The Scoop: Written by John Durant, who studied evolutionary psychology, Hunter Gatherer is about his adventures as a self-proclaimed ‘professional caveman’.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: The Alpha-male Narrative Myth?

Robb Wolf


The Scoop: A former research biochemist and now a best-selling author about the Paleo diet, Robb’s site offers a podcast, ebooks and personal coaching.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Paleo is Expensive!

Virginia is for Hunter Gatherers

Spicy Pickled Brussels Sprouts Recipe - Paleo Diet Blogs


The Scoop: Written by a couple who lost weight and improved their health through the Paleo diet, this blog explores a wide range of Paleo recipes.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Spicy Pickled Brussels Sprouts

Thriving on Paleo


The Scoop: Michele, who made a commitment to the Paleo diet after being diagnosed with a number of autoimmune conditions, blogs about Paleo living to help people sort through the confusion, save time and money, and have fun while doing it.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Paleo Carob-Covered Apples

Elana’s Pantry


The Scoop: Elana Amsterdam ditched grains more than a decade ago and has since written several best-selling cookbooks featuring grain-free, gluten-free and dairy-free recipes. She also has hundreds of free recipes on her blog to choose from!

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Sesame Salmon Burgers

The Tasty Remedy


The Scoop: Suzie was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in her early 20s, and her symptoms were so bad that on some days she could barely move. After giving the Paleo diet a try, she was finally able to heal and ditch all of her medications.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Italian Wedding Soup

Hold the Grain

Ginger salmon nori rolls - Paleo Diet Blogs


The Scoop: Written by a college student who was diagnosed with POTS syndrome, this blog is meant to inspire others to eat satisfying Paleo food.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Ginger Salmon Nori Rolls

Paleo with Mrs. P


The Scoop: This blog highlights Paleo recipes and lifestyle tips from London-er Emma, who discovered she could control her diabetes, weight, headaches, acne and hormone imbalances with a Paleo diet.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Mango Breakfast Cream Pot

Real Food Liz


The Scoop: Liz is a health coach, author and amateur homesteader (she lives in the country with goats, cows and chickens!) who writes about nutrition, natural skincare, and how to make eating fun.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Why Ghee is Good for You Inside and Out

Paleo Porn

Paleo-Recipe-Poached-Halibut-with-Beets - Paleo Diet Blogs


The Scoop: Another website co-founded by a hubby-and-wife team, Paleo Porn is home to hundreds of drool-worthy photos and recipes, along with a list of Paleo-friendly restaurants and a handy ‘Is it Paleo?’ food guide.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Poached Halibut with Beets

Paleo Dish


The Scoop: Cindy’s world was shaken in 2003 when her mother suddenly died. She began to re-evaluate her life and her health, which inspired a 70-pound weight loss. She began eating Paleo in 2009 and blogs about health, fitness, and nutrient-dense Paleo foods.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Creamy Garlicky Guacamole

Paleo Comfort Foods

not-cheese-ball1 - paleo comfort foods - Paleo Diet Blogs


The Scoop: These two married home cooks have dedicated themselves to creating and refining Paleo recipes that are unique, tasty and enjoyable to make.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Paleo Party ‘Cheese’ Ball

Paleo Parents


The Scoop: This blog offers practical tips and recipes about how to feed an entire family on the Paleo diet. Site creators Matt and Stacy know what they’re talking about ’cause they’ve been feeding themselves and their three young children using the Paleo diet for years!

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Spaghetti Carbonara Quiche

Paleo Polly


The Scoop: A lawyer turned Paleo enthusiast, Paleo Polly (her real name is actually Charlotte) blogs about Paleo living, plus she offers Paleo health consults, a cookery school, cooking parties, and Paleo-shopping services.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Paleo Cauliflower Chowder

Stephan Guyenet


The Scoop: Stephan is an obesity researcher, neurobiologist and author who makes health science easy to understand for the non-science-y folks among us.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Beans, Lentils and the Paleo Diet

The Domestic Man

cobb salad - domestic man - Paleo Diet Blogs


The Scoop: The Domestic Man blogs weekly about traditional, cultural and international dishes to keep us in touch with our history and where our food comes from.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Cobb Salad with Green Goddess Dressing

Eat Drink Paleo


The Scoop: Eat Drink Paleo, written by Ukraine-born, Sydney-based Irena, showcases the variety of Paleo dishes and flavours that inspire anyone to take control of their health using the Paleo diet.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Sweet Potato, Caramelized Garlic and Toasted Pine Nut Soup

What Great Grandma Ate


The Scoop: Jean’s deletable blog is filled with super simple Paleo and gluten-free ingredients that, as the blog title suggests, our great grandmothers would know what to do with.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: How to Make Perfect Zucchini Egg Nests

Paleo for Women


The Scoop: Stefani is a trained research scientist and author whose aim is to be a guide for women so they can regain their health, energy, fertility and positive self-image using the Paleo diet.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Love is the New Skinny

Cave Girl in the City


The Scoop: This fun blog features delicious Paleo recipes, style tips and fitness advice for Paleo girls living in a modern world.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Paleo Nut Butter Thumbprints

Pastured Kitchen

ShreddedBeef-3- free range human - Paleo Diet Blogs


The Scoop: This blog chronicles Sean’s journey to heal and manage his lifelong epilepsy using the Paleo diet.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Turmeric and Herb Pulled Beef

Paleo Running Momma


The Scoop: We love Michele’s family-friendly Paleo recipes and because she posts a lot, there is a ton of Paleo recipe inspiration!

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Paleo Sloppy Joe Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Sarah Fragoso


The Scoop: This blog includes Sarah’s thoughts on life, food, fitness, spirituality and love, along with recipes, podcasts, videos and health tips. Sarah’s also the author of five books on the Paleo diet!

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Mushroom Meatballs with Easy Tomato Sauce

South Beach Primal

South Beach Primal - Paleo Diet Blogs


The Scoop: Rachel is a Miami resident who turned to the Paleo diet to deal with severe acne and IBS and saw results within days. Her blog is loaded with heavenly Paleo food photos and her fun personality.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Oriental Goji Berry Soup

Melissa Joulwan’s Well Fed


The Scoop: This fun and eclectic blog, written by an ex-Derby girl, shares Paleo recipes, fitness tips and inspiration to live a clean Paleo life.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: 5 Painless Ways to Be a Paleo Social Butterfly

The Spunky Coconut

Paleo Cheeseburger Soup - Paleo Diet Blogs


The Scoop: This popular blog is jam-packed with heavenly food photos and creative recipes that often contain, you guessed it, plenty of coconut.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Dairy-Free Cheeseburger Soup

Popular Paleo


The Scoop: Popular Paleo will teach you how to eat a Paleo diet without breaking the bank and amuse you at the same time.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Slow Cooker Balsamic Chicken and Sausage

Simply Taylor


The Scoop: Written by a sassy cavegal and cookbook author, this blog is mostly filled with Paleo baked treats.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Single Lady Apple Pie

Civilized Caveman Cooking

Cinnamon Chicken Paleo - Caveman Cooking -Paleo Diet Blogs


The Scoop: This ex-marine turned award-winning Paleo diet food blogger shares a ton of delicious recipes that are family and kid-approved.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Sage and Cinnamon Chicken

Freckled Italian


The Scoop: Megan is a half-Irish, half-Italian Paleo diet lover and writer who blogs about Paleo recipes and style tips.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Paleo Breakfast Wraps

40 Aprons


The Scoop: After Cheryl tried the Whole 30 diet post-partum, she discovered how much better the Paleo lifestyle made her feel – so she decided to share her beautifully photographed Paleo and Whole 30 recipes with the world. And we’re glad she does!

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Whole 30 Lettuce Wraps

The Weston Price Foundation


The Scoop: This website, based on the work of Dr. Weston A Price, is packed with detailed information and evidence about the importance of whole food and ancestral diets.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Why Bone Broth is Beautiful

Goodies Against the Grain


The Scoop: This delectable blog is written by Sadie, who turned to the Paleo diet at age 9 after discovering she had multiple food allergies. She became obsessed with making her own healthy, gluten-free treats – and her blog, which she began at 12 years old, shares the goodies she creates.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Biscotti

The Nourished Caveman

Daikon-Kimchi-By-The-Nourished-Caveman-2 - Paleo Diet Blogs


The Scoop: Vivica is a nutritionist and blogger who focuses on a Paleo, ketogenic diet and writes about using natural foods to help heal our bodies.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Daikon Kimchi for Digestive Health

Coconut Contentment


The Scoop: After Emily healed her gut with the Paleo diet, she began to share how others can use delicious Paleo recipes to do the same.

Our Favourite Recipe/Post: Toasted Coconut Butter Bread

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