Yoga Conference 2015 : The ACN-Approved Tour

This weekend (April 10th to 12th, 2014), we’re so thrilled that we’ll be at the Yoga Conference representing the Academy of Culinary Nutrition and the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program.  The Yoga Conference will be filled with a variety of lecture-based seminars, hands-on workshops and a whole convention center floor full of amazing brands.

While we’re excited to be singing the praises of the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program, we’re even more thrilled to be sharing the floor with some of our favourite ACN-Approved brands. If you’re attending the conference this weekend, please check out their booths – they’re an amazing bunch!

1. NudFud


Why we love them: These are our favorite raw, vegan, gluten-free crackers to munch on! Not only do they taste AMAZING, but also we know that they are made in small batches with quality ingredients and most importantly, with love.


Booth number: 731

Connect with them on Twitter: @nudfud

 2. Village Juicery

Why we love them: We love the Village Juicery because not only do they take nutrition seriously, we know that their juices are cold pressed and 100% organic!  Village Juicery is committed to keeping it local and keeping our city as healthy as it can be.


Booth number: 1228

Connect with them on Twitter: @villagejuicery 

 3. Sunflower Kitchen

Why we love them: From hummus to pesto, Sunflower Kitchen is our favourite!  Gluten-Free, non-GMO and incredibly delicious, what more could we ask for?


  Booth number: 218

 4. The Honest Leaf Tea

Why we love them: Shelby’s line of wellness teas are carefully formulated with the finest all-natural and organic herbs, spices and tea leaves. And they taste fantastic!


 Booth number: 616

 Connect with them on Twitter: @thehonestleaf

 5. Sukhasana

Why we love them: Sukhasana chairs keep us fully supported in our favourite yoga pose while we are working.  We love that they are beautiful and Canadian made!


Booth number: 1124

Connect with them on Twitter: @sukhasana

6. Giddy Yoyo


Why we love them: Giddy Yoyo takes superfoods to the next level! Not only do they ensure that their foods are made from the highest quality ingredients, but they are also guaranteed to be GMO-free.


Booth number: 900, 902

Connect with them on Twitter: @giddyyogo

  7. Made Good


Why we love them: When we need snacks on the go, we grab organic, low-sugar, tasty granola treats from Made Good. We know that this family-run business is committed to wholesome nutrition.


Booth number: 1406

Connect with them on Twitter: @madegoodfoods

 8. The Barber’s Daughters

Why we love them: We love the Barber’s Daughters’ beautiful and meaningful jewellery.  Gisele’s pieces are made from semi and precious metals to keep us grounded and the gems she uses have incredible healing properties.


 Booth number: 315

Connect with them on Twitter: @TBDs

 9. Front Door Organics

Why we love them: How could we not love a company that brings fresh, organic produce right to your doorstep?  They make eating clean so easy!


Booth number: 1500B

Connect with them on Twitter: @FDOrganics

 10. Me To We Style

Why we love them: Me To We Style made our CNE “Today is the Day” t-shirts using certified organic cotton.  They are a clothing manufacturer who cares about our planet and are doing more than their share to protect it.


  Booth number: 836, 934

Connect with them on Twitter: @metowestyle

 11. Rise Kombucha

Why we love them: Rise Kombucha is an absolute favourite of the Academy.  This tasty beverage is locally produced, organic, fair-trade and vegan.


Booth number: 1308

Connect with them on Twitter: @RISEMother

 12. Beekeeper’s Naturals

Beekeeper's Naturals Logo

Why we love them: Beekeeper’s Naturals bee propolis is our #1 choice for healing a sore throat! It possesses antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antibiotic properties and it’s made in Canada.


Booth number: 900, 902

Connect with them on Twitter: @Beekeepers_Nat

Will we see you at the Yoga Conference this weekend? Check us out – we’re at booth 1327!