12 Amazing Herbal Medicine Resources

Herbal medicine can seem daunting, but you are probably using medicinal herbs in more ways than you realize. If you’ve ever brewed a cup of tea, drizzled an infused dressing over a salad, or relaxed in the tub with a bath bomb, you’ve likely been using herbs of some kind. There are a multitude of high quality herbal medicine remedies you can buy, yet you can also apply basic culinary skills to create homemade and effective herbal remedies – and probably save a little bit of money in the process!

Registration is open once again for our online course Everyday Herbal. This 4-week program takes the overwhelm out of herbal medicine and distills it down to what you need to know today, to start creating and using your own natural remedies and herbal applications. You can grab all of the course details here, but in the meantime, if you’d like to get a taste of the wide range of what herbs can do, these amazing herbal medicine resources are here to help.

12 amazing Herbal Medicine Resources

How to Make Tinctures and Tonics: Guide to Homemade Herbal Medicine

Culinary Nutrition Tinctures and Tonics

Homemade tinctures and tonics are actually not as complicated as you might think and when you learn the common methods to formulate them, the possibilities become endless. Discover how to make your own at home!

How to Make Tinctures and Tonics

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20 Healing Herbs for Tea and 3 Healing Tea Recipes

20 Healing Herbs for Tea - herbal medicine

On a cold, blustery day, a hot cup of tea is warm and soothing, while in the throes of summer you can cool it down and pour it over ice for a thirst-quenching refresher. There are many powerful healing herbs for tea that can transform it from a tasty beverage into a health-supportive drink. Here we have 20 options for you to consider adding to your next cuppa (but not all at once, please!).

20 Healing Herbs for Tea

The DIY Guide to Making Dairy-Free Elixirs

DIY Guide to Dairy-Free Elixirs

When we think of ‘power drinks’, smoothies or green juices usually are the ones that spring to mind. We love our dairy-free smoothies but we also like to make homemade dairy-free elixirs. They’re wonderful in cool weather, and also make a great morning pick-me-up or an evening soother depending on the nutritional power we pack into them. Get all our tricks to making the ultimate dairy-free elixir.

The DIY Guide to Making Dairy-Free Elixirs

Your Guide to Culinary Adaptogens

Guide to Culinary Adaptogens

Adaptogens are plants that help our bodies adapt to mental, physical and emotional stress. They bring our bodies back into balance, supporting the adrenal glands (tiny glands that make our stress and sex hormones) and can improve the central nervous system, mood, energy and cognition. Discover some of our favourite herbal medicine adaptogens and how you can use them.

Your Guide to Culinary Adaptogens

Nourishing Homemade Skin Salve

Nourishing Homemade Skin Salve - herbal medicine

Herbal medicine has external applications, too. This homemade skin salve will help calm, heal, and regenerate damaged or sensitized skin that is in need of a little extra TLC.

Nourishing Homemade Skin Salve

How to Cook With Edible Flowers

Edible Flowers

There are dozens of flowers that could be used medicinally and for culinary purposes, and many are likely growing in your backyard. This guide will help you learn how to cook with edible flowers to add both visual appeal and flavour to your meals.

How to Cook With Edible Flowers

Everyday Herbal

Fire Cider Recipe and More Immune-Supportive Tincture Tips

Fire Cider

Consuming cold-fighting foods and following an immune-supportive lifestyle are helpful throughout the year; however, when you’re struck down by a nasty bug you don’t always feel like cooking. This is where a great fire cider recipe comes in – with one quick shot, you are flooded with nutritional power! Fire cider tastes, in all honesty, completely gross. And yet is is highly effective, which is why it’s an essential herbal medicine tincture we have on hand in our culinary nutrition pantry.

Fire Cider Recipe and More Immune-Boosting Tincture Tips

Guide to Medicinal Mushrooms: Types, Best Uses and Recipes

Medicinal Mushrooms

This diverse group of plants are rich in a multitude of nutrients and you can incorporate them into your everyday cooking. In this guide, we’ll talk about the health benefits of medicinal mushrooms, how to select them, and how to use them.

Guide to Medicinal Mushrooms

20 Best Dairy-Free Elixir Recipes (Warm/Hot)

Turmeric Latte - Dairy-Free Elixir

Skip the coffee shop and try your hand at herbal medicine blending with these incredible recipes, from spiced chocolate chaga to gingerbread latte.

20 Best Dairy-Free Elixir Recipes

20 Best Iced Elixir Recipes

iced elixir recipes

A simple, cold glass of water is an easy way to cool down, but for those of us looking for something more exciting, iced elixirs can be refreshing, hydrating and provide some extra health benefits at the same time.

20 Best Iced Elixir Recipes

5 Potent Herbs and Spices to Add to Your Pantry

Herbs and Spices

Herbs and spices take cooking to a whole new level flavour-wise, and they contain powerful compounds that bring us many health benefits. From anti-inflammation to immune support and blood sugar-balancing benefits, adding spices to your food is a way to get your extra dose of nutritional herbal medicine.

5 Potent Herbs and Spices to Add to Your Pantry

Our 5 Favourite Hot Chocolate Combos

Best hot chocolate recipes

We are huge chocolate fans and we’re always looking for ways to add flavour, nutrition and interest to our favourite chocolate beverage. Our 5 favourite hot chocolate combinations, including beneficial herbs and spices, are sure to please, and you likely already have several of these ingredients in your culinary nutrition pantry.

Our 5 Favourite Hot Chocolate Combos

Herbal Podcast Episodes

Check out these mini-episodes of the Today Is The Day Podcast about herbal medicine.

Herbal Remedies Everyday

Quick tips about how to use everyday herbs in your kitchen and life – and recipes you can begin to use right away.

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Meghan and Josh’s top 3 herbs everyone should have on hand for herbal first aid.

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If you enjoy the above types of culinary nutrition inspiration, then you are going to love Everyday Herbal. Learn more and join us here.


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