Woohoo 3rd Annual Apple A Day Give Away

Oh what fun we had this year with the Apple-A-Day Giveaway. We chose city hall as the location and I sandwiched (or should I say hot-dogged) my flowered bicycle full of flowers in between an ice cream truck, chip truck and hot dog cart. The apples were taken with grace and thanks in a record time.

I loved that even the people with styro-foam trays of poutine, burgers and hot dogs still took the apples. One woman took the apple, after getting a giant ice cream cone and told me that now the apple made her feel guilty. I don’t know- pretty sure it was the apple’s doing.

The highlight for me (aside from the really hot Ontario Police Officer), was a 91 year-old man who stopped to chat. He told me that he ate a banana and half and apple everyday for breakfast. I asked him if that was his secret to being so healthy and vibrant. He said that was part of it- the other two keys for his sweet longevity was walking every day, great conversations and never taking any medications. Imagine that- 91 years old and not taking any pills. He proclaimed that the best part of being 91 were all the cute young women that help take care of him.


What I set out to do with this Apple-A-Day Giveaway three years ago when it started was to find out whether, with healthy options available, would people take them. The answer, this year, was a resounding yes, yes, yes!

Even saw some peeps I knew. And check out the guy below! Not the one I’m hugging, the one behind us. Yep- he has an apple tucked in there beside his fries and behind his burger. A little nutrition goes a long way.

Now- if apples are available at nearly every convenience store, grocery store, some gas stations and in back yards all over the city, why is it so much trouble to pack one in a bag and bring for lunch. It’s not. Apples are wonderfully great foods, but the magic only works when we actually eat them.

Question Of The Day: What is your best common sense, easy peezy health tip or health practice?

And if you are new in the ‘hood- here are year 1 and 2 of the Apple-A-Day Giveaway


  1. There is an ad on TV right now (just in time for back to school) touting fruit snacks that are made from 100% fruit, easy and convenient. I have to ask … why not just grab a piece of fruit? I am thrilled at your success with this effort and I know that people will remember your apples the next time they reach for a snack :)

  2. This is such a great, fun idea and it is also a really interesting social experiment. Living in Toronto, I know I would be a little shocked by a friendly colourful person handing out apples on a street corner, and I’m honestly not sure how I would react. It’s not common in our culture for people to smile at strangers or give them free stuff with no ulterior motives, and it’s interesting how the suits in the financial district were most uncomfortable with it. Anyway, I love the idea and I love how you’re spreading the health!

  3. Love that you do this Meghan!! :O)
    You have such great taste in music….who sings the song you have on this years apple giveaway video??

  4. Sorry to be a bug….but who sings the song on the 1st apple picking video too??
    Thanks! LOVE YOUR MUSIC!!
    As I said, you have me totally addicted to Brett Dennen :)

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