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Herbal Berry Smoothie


Josh and I have a super nerdy nutritionist game that we play. It goes like this:

Josh: “Hey Megs, Would you like a cup of tea”.

Meghan: “ I sure would!”

J: “What kind?”

M: “You’ll do the right thing”.

And then I watch as Josh’s mind works. He looks at the time, he considers how long ago we ate or how soon we’ll be eating, he considers my mood and how I might be feeling and thinks about what the actions of various herbs are in order to brew just the right one. Nerd alert! (That goes to both of us, ‘cause I play the game too”).

We all have our have herbal brews. I rarely sit down to a cup of hot tea in the summer, but as I chat about in the Green Smoothie Cleanse tutorial (included in the Smoothie + Juice Ready Package), herbal teas are an awesome way to amp up the healing and nutritional value in a smoothie. You can of course have a warm smoothie if the mood strikes you, but I love brewing up some great teas, and either chilling the tea in the fridge or freezing it as cubes and using that as my smoothie base.

In the tutorial I go into great detail about this awesome way to amp up a super smoothie and list off loads of awesome herbs and the organs they support.

My liver sometimes plays tricks on me and so I always go with my fave liver herbs:

  • Milk Thistle Seed: helps repair damaged liver cells and protects them from the penetration of toxins.
  • Dandelion Root: Used to treat kidney disease, indigestion and heartburn, but is most widely known for its ability to treat liver disease. This herb helps to purify the bloodstream and liver, as well as stimulate bile production.

My all time fave herbal teas these days are Ginger and Licorice, not only because they do just what I need them to, but they taste delicious and I’ll often put a bit of each into my tea ball (no bags here!)

  • Licorice Root: This herb is most well known for its ability to heal ulcers. It lowers stomach acid levels, relieves heartburn and indigestion and even acts as a mild laxative. It is also used to combat irritation, in?ammation and spasms in the digestive tract.
  • Ginger Root: This is a versatile herb that prevents indigestion and abdominal cramping. Furthermore it lowers blood pressure by improving circulation of blood ?ow throughout the body.

Green tea, of course is a staple for me too but lately I have been going more with the herbal smoothie power.

Herbal Berry Smoothie
(makes 2 servings)

1 cup brewed and chilled berry tea
1 cup ginger tea, as ice cubes
2 cups berries of choice
1/2 cucumber
1 Tbs hemp seeds
1 Tbs coconut
1 Tbs bee pollen (optional)
honey/dates/stevia to sweeten

Question Of The Day: What is your fave herbal tea or tea blend?

82 Responses to “Herbal Berry Smoothie”

  1. Karen said…
    I'd have to say my favourite is chai, or anything with cinnamon in it! In the summer it's got to be mint tea, with mint picked fresh from the garden...nothing like it!
  2. Lily said…
    My favorite kind of tea is white tea with lemon or orange!
  3. Sarah said…
    I too love the peppermint. I drink it hot, cold, and when I get headaches I step into the shower and press the minty teabags directly to my temples. It's fantastic!
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  5. Tracey said…
    These teas look delicious! Count me in - now off to join your fb group. Thanks! Tracey
  6. Breakfast is a herbal berry smoothie packed with delicious goodness and you?
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  8. Mark Norris said…
    Hi Meghan I am from Quebec city and am a special care counsellor who works with senior citizens and myself an avid smoothies drinker. I am now interested in changing careers and would like to reach out to senior citizens and educate them about smoothie health benefits.But first I need a course in this field.Any suggestions.I work mainly in French and my goal is to reach out to this population Thanks Mark
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      Hi Mark, I am not familiar with any culinary nutrition courses that are taught in French, but you may be interested in the program I offer at I think what you are endeavouring to do is amazing and so well needed.

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