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Chocolate Truffles


A bunch of new workshops and cooking classes added for the end of November. November 18th we’re cooking with Vegetarian In Balance, November 20th has us uncooking with Raw Food Power, November 21st has us Eating For Awesome Energy, November 25th we’re Cooking with Spices, Easy Indian Style and November 28th we end the 2010 cooking season with an extra special Total Health Workshop: Foods That Heal. Come play!

Have you been to one of my classes or workshops yet? If not, then you wouldn’t have any idea how horrible I am at following the directions on a recipe, especially when it comes to my own.

See, I loved fashion design, sewing and creating, right up until my first day of my sewing skills class in my undergraduate fashion degree program. Why? Because suddenly I had to play by someone else’s rules. My first job after university was for a company that made me sign a dress code. I felt it was open to interpretation- especially the ‘skirt to the knees’, and ‘stockings required’. I sewed crinoline to all my mini skirts and bought tights in every colour except nude or black.

I really have a hard time following rules, guidelines, instructions and directions. I prefer to follow the ones I make up in my own mind. This habit sometimes finds me lost, sometimes finds me dressed inappropriately, but more often than not, results in unexpected adventure.

The same applies to cooking. I see a recipe as a suggestion. When I am teaching my workshops, I usually have a guest guide me through my own recipe to make sure what I am making will taste the same as when they try and make it at home. When in a cooking class and a guest asks me how to cut something, I’ll often respond with “into pieces”.  I may offer suggestions on how something can be done but I really don’t think it’s my job to tell someone how to interpret my directions on a recipe.

So let’s take my chocolate truffles as an example. I have made them before and they looked like this.

And I added mint and rolled them in coconut and they looked like this:

So when Ted, a guest of the cooking program, raised his hand at the last of my six week program wanting to make the dessert, I welcomed his enthusiasm. I had suggested a couple different ways of making the dessert and he, thankfully, didn’t listen to me and came up with this beauty.

He took the basic chocolate truffle recipe and dressed it up right with the optional strawberry garnish. They tasted absolutely as amazing as they looked.

So here is the recipe:

Chocolate Truffles

1 cup raw walnuts, unsoaked
1 cup  almonds, unsoaked
1/2 tsp  salt
15 pitted dates, unsoaked
1/4 cup raisins or dried cranberries
2/3 cup unsweetened cocoa
2 tsp vanilla extract (optional)
1 Tbs agave or honey
2 Tbs  water
1/2 cup shredded coconut or 1/2 cup extra cocoa powder

* for cake method: add 1 cup fresh strawberries

  • Place the nuts & salt in a food processor fitted with the S-blade and process until finely ground.
  • Add the dates, cocoa powder, agave and vanilla process until the mixture starts to stick together. Add water as needed & process briefly.

That’s all the directions you get. Let me know what you do with them!

Question Of The Day: What is your fave rule to break?

5 responses to “Chocolate Truffles”

  1. vanessa says:

    Three words: PUMPKIN PIE SPICE.

    Ooh, or maple sugar in place of cocoa + agave, and dried apples instead of the raisins/cranberries – Canadian Balls! ;)

    What about some cayenne and cinnamon for Spicy Mexican Chocolate Balls?

    Orange zest?

    Ginger? (Reminds me of Purdy’s chocolate-covered ginger!)

    Dried pineapple and coconut – Tropical Balls!

    Oh my god: SEA SALT. Chocolate Salty Balls! (Ever seen South Park?)

    (I think I just like saying BALLS. Hahaha…)

    So many possibilities!

  2. Erin says:

    I like making these things into truffles – I like to have the bit sized morsel ready to grab and eat as a small nosh.
    I might try omitting the coconut, and roll them with a dried cherry in the middle, and roll in cacao (because they are sticky).

  3. Maria @ Scandifoodie says:

    That is really great, I love all the ingredients so these are right up my alley!

  4. Susan Ho says:

    Hey Meghan, thanks for the great recipe and idea. Couldn’t have come at a better time. This past weekend I was in Niagara on the Lake for good friend’s bachelorette. While there we visited a quite little bakery for lunch called Pie Plate. While there I bought a chocolate gingerbread cookie. OH MY GOSH, it was so good. I remembered that Martha Stewart had a similar recipe and was thinking the whole drive home of how I was going to make them, but a healthier version. So anyways long story short. I saw your blog today and thought bingo, I’m going to make these truffle balls but with gingerbread spices. YUM.
    I’ve been eating them nonstop.
    Here is what I did.
    (I took out the coconut and subed in more ground almond)
    1 cup raw walnuts, unsoaked
    1 2/3 cup almonds, unsoaked
    1/2 tsp salt
    15 pitted dates, unsoaked
    1 Tbs (unsulfured) black strap molasses (not sure if you will approve of this ingredient, but it definitely makes the cookie gingerbreadie)
    2/3 cup unsweetened cocoa
    2 tsp vanilla extract (optional)
    1 Tbs honey
    2 Tbs water
    Followed your directions and VOILA, Yummy chocolate gingerbread balls :)

    • Susan Ho says:

      Oh I just realized I forget the spices.
      1/2 tsp ground ginger
      1/2 tsp ground cinnamon
      1/8 tsp ground cloves
      1/8 tsp ground nutmeg
      1 tsp freshly grated ginger

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