Creamy Pesto Soup

Editor’s Note: This recipe is courtesy of one of our honorary CNE program students, 17-year-old Macy Diulus. Macy is a dynamo who writes and photographs her own food blog, Paleo Crumbs. Today, Macy is sharing one of the recipes from her e-cookbook, Paleo Crumbs Fall Favourites. We can personally attest to the fact that Macy’s recipes are awesome, and we truly recommend you give this one a try!

When the days get shorter and colder, a nice warming bowl of soup is a must. I love smoothies, but sometimes I like to switch it up during cooler weather. Soup is a great nutrient-packed warm alternative to a cold nutrient-packed smoothie!

I love creamy soups, but don’t tolerate dairy all that well so a creamy and dairy-free soup is oh so good. One of my favorite ways to add creaminess to a soup is by using cauliflower. I know it sounds weird at first, but trust me. This crazy awesome idea was inspired by my mom’s creamy mushroom soup, which she makes creamy by using…wait for it…cauliflower!

Cauliflower is super high in nutrients and vitamins, such as Vitamin C and Vitamin K (something I learned from the amazing CNE program). If you are looking for a warm, creamy, nutritious, and flavourful soup then give this one a try!