It Starts With One Thing

The One Thing

Top o’ the year to you!

What a wonderfully exciting time of year it is. Everything is fresh and shiny and new. We get to go out into the world with our jazz hands shaking our sillies out and use this time as the sweetest excuse for reinvention.

Yes – it’s resolution time, but I am hoping you have moved beyond the resolutions and started kicking it with intention (way more success, way less broken promises).

Now all that isn’t to say that we can’t still challenge ourselves to push a little, grow a little, and be a little bit healthier, happier, more successful, more connected, more in love, more at peace, more calm, more in-tune, more rested, more stretched, more hydrated, more put together, more fit, or just generally all around more awesome.The life you dream about

The problem is that we come up with these ridiculously dramatic long lists of all the ways we aren’t achieving what we know we’re capable of and so we get overwhelmed and do nothing.

And this, my dear friends is the topic of today’s video. I am not talking about the overwhelm, but I am sharing the very simple, and approachable solution. It starts with one thing.

YouTube video

We just might find that when we focus on that one thing, one thing leads to another we achieve the life we dream of in an effortless, sustainable and inspired way.

What is the one thing you are ready to take on?


  1. My one thing is to meditate for at least 5 minutes every day :) I’m doing a 100 day gong — going great so far!!

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