Episode 14: How To Improve Indoor Air Quality (And Why It’s Critical) with Mike Feldstein

Improving Air Quality with Mike Feldstein

Have you heard that we can go 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, but only 3 minutes without air? And yet, we spend a lot of time thinking about our food and water, don’t we? In this episode of On My Mind, we’re talking all about air and air quality. I’m thrilled to introduce you to my friend Mike Feldstein, who is probably the only person I know who is more obsessed with air quality than I am.

We first met a few years ago and I continue to be inspired by his massive knowledge in this area and how willing he is to share it. In this episode, we dive deep into air quality and he drops so many nuggets of wisdom and simple things you can do. This is a must for anyone who breathes – which is all of us.

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covered in this episode

  • What air pollution and air quality are, and the difference between them
  • Why outdoor and indoor air quality are often overlooked as part of the health equation
  • The surprising reason why homes aren’t actually built for human beings
  • The most urgent problems right now when it comes to air quality
  • Common things in your home that dramatically affect the indoor air quality, and the toxins in indoor air you might not expect
  • Whether plants and furnace filters truly work to boost air quality in the home
  • What happens during an indoor air quality testing session
  • Simple ways that people can improve their air quality at home and at work
  • The most important room in your home to have an air filter
  • What people should look for in air filters and air filtration systems
  • How each of us can positively impact air quality
  • The best thing you can do today to improve air quality

about mike feldstein

Air Quality with Mike Feldstein

Mike Feldstein is the Founder & CEO of Jaspr, an air science & technology company. He is an unconventional entrepreneur who sees challenges as opportunities and who is constantly finding solutions to problems others see as insurmountable. Jaspr, Feldstein’s latest venture, is the culmination of Mike’s diverse background in air quality, disaster restoration, and entrepreneurship and it is his mission to protect air quality and improve human health through innovative products and education.

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  1. Hi- Mike mentioned a air sensor brand – Aware. can you please provide information on which sensor so I can find it for my home? Thank you,,

  2. Thank you Meghan for your new podcast. I am enjoying many of the episodes and I’m excited as my JASPR air purifier is on its way. I appreciate you sharing your health passions with us.

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