Episode 27: How To Make Informed Decisions About Your Health

We live in an age when there are at least two, if not ten, sides to every health recommendation. For the average person, this can easily become overwhelming, or an invitation to wholly hand over the decision-making process to someone else.

Today is the day we’re exploring the role and responsibility each of us has when it comes to making informed choices and decisions about how to best achieve our own optimal health today and in the future.

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Covered In This Episode

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why getting health recommendations should be specific to your needs.
  • Why you need to understand how health recommendations are intended to affect your health.
  • Why the individual needs to be part of the decision-making process
  • The value of a second opinion and when to get one
  • What is informed consent
  • The requirement of health practitioners to provide full informed consent on every recommendation
  • What the placebo affect is and how it can affect the outcome
  • What the nocebo affect is and the negative impact it can have on the outcome of an intervention
  • How social pressure can influence our decisions around health
  • Why ‘because everyone else is doing it’ doesn’t mean you should be
  • How social media has affected our health choices and health trends
  • How to sort through and assess information when you’re conducting your own research
  • Reliable sources of information to get started

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Culinary Nutrition Expert Jenny Bradley

Jenny Bradley

With three academic degrees and 20+ years of experience in student ministry and education, Jenny Bradley is skilled at finding research to learn all she can on the topics she’s passionate about and teaches. After being diagnosed with cancer in 2017, her aptitude for learning crossed over into acquiring information that equipped her to make confident decisions on her cancer journey. Through gathering perspectives from her medical team, including allopathic and naturopathic care, Jenny has been thriving with her cancer diagnosis for over three years.

Jenny often gets asked for tips and resources for other cancer patients and their friends who are looking to support their loved ones during a health crisis. Jenny shares her insights and tools in order to help others through her Shrink The Mutant School and on Instagram @shrinkthemutant. Jenny lives in Kansas with her husband Mike and cute little dog Poppy.

Learn More: Shrink The Mutant School, Instagram