For My Dad: The Power Of Prayer

I am asking for a great big favour. On this blog, I have roughly 5,500 readers a day. That’s a lot of potential power and I am working on harnessing every last drop.

Today my father is undergoing a radical prostatectomy to have his prostate removed, and ideally with that, his cancer.

Though doctors call this procedure routine, no matter how many people have had a surgery done, it is never routine to cut someone open, dig around and slice out an organ. There are always risks, not just during the operation, which in this case is slated to last five hours, but in the days, weeks and months that follow.

My wedding takes place three months from tomorrow and I want nothing more than to have my father, by my side, walking me down the aisle in absolute perfect health. And for this, I am calling on all of you for your love, support, prayer, and great healing vibes.

Since my father’s cancer diagnosis in September 2010, many people ask after my dad and how he’s doing.

Often my response over the past 20 months is – “He’s okay, but it’s hard”.

Hard doesn’t really cut it. The experience of living with and supporting my dad during an extended period of “active surveillance” has been incredibly hard on me, along with my partner, my brother, my sister-in-law and my grandma. I can’t really begin to imagine how hard it has been on my mom, his primary source of love and support. To imagine the fear and terror he has lived with everyday is unthinkable.

In my father’s “active surveillance” approach, there was no watching and waiting. With the close care and guidance of my partner, clinical nutritionist Josh Gitalis, my work in guiding his diet, and my mom executing it all flawlessly – we were all working to help my father’s immune system build up strength so that it would be able to heal from the cancer that invaded his prostate. Since beginning his intense supplement regime, daily juicing and vegetarian diet, the chronic pain and inflammation of 20 years of rheumatoid arthritis vanished, as did the extra weight most men in their 60’s carry around.

Here, my dad explains:

If only everything went just as we planned. Four months after his cancer diagnosis, late one December evening, my father walked outside to get something from his car and slipped and tore something in his shoulder. He was rushed to emergency in an ambulance, where at the hospital he was misdiagnosed and sent home in a sling. In the year that followed, he had major shoulder surgery, only to find out that it didn’t hold and on top of it all was dealing with two massive kidney stones, one in each kidney. The icing on the cake was that this passed December, with the stress of the surgeries and kidney stones he learned, following a routine biopsy, that the cancer in his prostate had grown- not spread, but had increased. His PSA remained stable but his Gleason score went up and this caused him some concern.

He can tell you himself the value of prevention, in hindsight of course, but it can be tough to undo the affects of 60 years of less than optimal habits in just one year.

This is his journey and ultimately, he had to make the decision that he could feel at peace with.

This is where prayer healing comes in. I need your help with this.

You don’t have to believe in it for it work, you just have to send the good vibes his way. Think of me, and think of him. Send him thoughts of calming peace, tranquility, acceptance, and love.

Though there isn’t much scientific data around prayer healing and distance healing, there is enough anecdotal evidence to convince me of it’s unquestionable efficacy.

Dr. Elizabeth Targ,a practicing psychiatrist, and the Director of the Complementary Medicine Research Institute at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco explains, “Distance healing is any purely mental effort undertaken by one person with the intention of improving the physical or emotional well-being of another”.

The science behind it is more complex than I think is required here. Simply offering your thoughts and energies will do the trick. Whether you are reading this today, May 29th or in the days that follow, every bit will help as for my family, this will be a great challenge that we hope and pray will bring lightness, love and a long, happy and healthy life for my dad.

I invite you to send your good vibes and if you would like to include comments below, I will send them along to my dad.

For your generosity of love, and all your kind thoughts, from deep down in my soul, I thank you.


  1. Your dad is always in my thoughts, Meghan! Here’s to hoping for a flawless surgery and swift recovery.


  2. Dear Meghan’s Dad,
    Your smiles, costumes and touching stories have always kept off of this blog, and I am wishing you all the best today and in the weeks to come.
    Wishing you love and strength.

  3. My thoughts and prayers are with your dad, you and your family. I have been following your blog for a few years now and remember when you first mentioned your dad had cancer. My heart, thoughts and prayers have turned to you and your dad many times since then. The love you are surrounded with is palpable (I feel it often following your blog/facebook/twitter etc.) and if even half that love is sent out to your dad I have no doubt that it will make a huge difference! Please share his progress with us and I can’t wait to see smiling, happy pictures from your wedding :)

  4. Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow.
    Helen Keller

    Never, ever underestimate the power of positive thinking. My thoughts today will be towards your father’s healing.

  5. Lots of love and healing prayers sent your way for a flawless surgery and a quick and complete recovery to full health!!!

  6. Meghan, I’ll keep your Dad in my thoughts and prayers – along with you and your whole family. Lots of love and positive energy surrounding you all today and in the days and weeks to come.

  7. First and foremost, my prayer for your dad, you and your family is for the peace that passes all understanding, to surround you all with comfort today, and in the days ahead. I truly believe that God is the ultimate Healer, and when you place all your fears and cares on Him, He will heal you in ways you will not understand.

    From what I have just read, you all have done what you possibly can to prepare your dad for this day, now it’s your turn to let go and let God do His work.

    I pray also for the surgeons hands. May they be steady and sure.

    This is from my daily calendar, I thought it was appropriate:

    ‘In that day you will ask in My name… for the Father Himself loves you…’
    John 16:26, 27

    Because of His name, God will recognize and respond to our prayers. Not only do your readers, friends, and family love you and care for you, God knows and cares for you.

    I hadn’t responded to your Twitter question a few days ago, as I haven’t been the receiving end of the power of prayer to speak of and put into words. But I have been the prayer warrior for someone else that has been healed of intense anxiety where she wasn’t able to leave her house for fear of absolutely everything and everyone. She still talks about it to this day, that she has been completely healed and has never experienced any of it since that day. I believe in the unexplainable, because I know my God has done the impossible.

    Much love and prayers go to your dad and your entire family. Today is going to be an amazing day :)

    <3 Christa

  8. Dear Meghan and family, you are all in my thoughts and prayers today, but I know most of all that it is all the love that has surrounded him through this journey that will bring him through with flying colours. Remember the rainbow, it takes both sun and rain to bring it’s beauty, and today is your rain and we are all sunrays today sent from around the world, so only positive out comes can happen.
    Love to all of you, Bonnie.

  9. I’m definitely sending love and positive energy your way.
    My mom passed away from cancer when she was far too young, so I know what it feels like to help your parent through the treatments and I know how you must be feeling emotionally.
    I hope the best for your dad and I sincerely want him to fully recover and be rid of his cancer.

  10. My thoughts and love are with you all today and always. Please send your dad a great big kiss and hug for me. Take care. Xo

  11. Meghan,
    Sending my thoughts and prayers to your Dad and your whole family today and every day. All the positive energy that you send out to the world will surely come back to all of you today. Hugs, Janet

  12. Your dad is so lucky to have such an amazing team around him as he has gone through this. Sending him so much love and light and strength today and everyday as he continues on his path to healing xo

  13. My dad underwent a prostectomy 4 months ago. Luckily for him, just like your dad, his cancer had not spread but his Gleason score was high. I can understand what your family and especially your dad is going through. My dad is 75 yrs old. Recovery has been slow but he is slowly catching up. Fortunately, he has 2 people – yourself (meghan) and Josh to help him in the recovery process.

    My sincere prayers are with you and will be constantly thinking of him everyday till his recovery (cause the first thing i always do is to open your blog every morning – so no chance to slip away from my mind).

    Take care.

  14. Hi Meghan’s Dad!
    Although I’ve never met you, I feel I know you from your daughter who is passionate, intelligent and a true light of this universe and she is a product of you her dad and her mom. You are a fighter and when you are tired and you don’t feel like you have the fight in you for that day rely on us your community to carry you through those times, it’s ok to take when you’ve given so much. Love, Light and Health to the Telpner family.

  15. Hi
    Thinking of your Dad and you while you go through this time. It brings back memories of my own Dad as he went through 6 operations for his prostrate. My one message in this experince is “never give up, keep the light of hope shining, everything is possible when you believe things will work out fine” All the best.

  16. Sending positive thoughts your family’s way! My father had prostate removal surgery 3 years ago now and I am thankful every day that he is still here!

  17. Meghan,
    You have such a gift for sharing your life with us in a way that we feel part of it every day. Not in a Kardashian tabloid train wreck kind of way, but in a pure of heart, beautifully executed sharefest. We are blessed, and better for it. Thanks for the blog post today about your dad. As the morning timezones kick in from east to west, I can feel the groundswell of positive healing thoughts and prayers.

    A close friend of mine passed away last week from cancer. In the final weeks, I spent hours in the kitchen prepping meals for him and his wife and would drop them off at their back door. Many of those meals were based on recipes from your website and what we had learned in your cooking classes. It was a chain reaction of care you had put into creating the recipes, the healing thoughts while making the food, and the notion that just the small gesture of sharing food can make a difference.

    I challenge your readers to choose a recipe from your website and make it today in honour of your dad. Sprinkle in some happy healing thoughts. Share it with someone you care about. Isn’t that Making Love in the Kitchen?

    Wishing your dad all the best,

  18. Eil na rafa na la. Please, God, please heal him. Love, hope and healing prayers to your Dad, and all your family.

  19. Meghan,
    Thank you for that touching column today. The show of support has been phenominal. Yesterday I received over 50 wonderful messages from my friends at Movember, from around the world, who heard me speak at a Survivors Summit in LA. Great people doing great work! My friends and family have been amazing throughout this 21 month journey. I thank you all. My surgery is scheduled for 12:30 today (may 29th) and will last about 5 hours. Mindful meditation has helped remain calm and positive. I know the next days will be tough and the weeks ahead will be filled with rest and restoration and positive energy. I owe you all a big thank you for your good wishes. And Meghan, having you in my corner is the greatest gift of all. With love, Ron

  20. Sending all my best, healing thoughts and much love. My Father-in-law went through this procedure in his early 60s and is now very happy, healthy and living an active life at 71. So please pass on to your Dad that life does go on after this surgery and I have every belief that he will be up and about in no time.

  21. Sending lots of e-love and positive vibes to Ron… he definitely has the strength to get through this, especially with the amazing support of his family. This does, however, mean that I’m going to be BAWLING as he walks you down the aisle. :)

  22. I have been an ICU nurse for 10 years and I always pray for my patients. Regardless of your religious beliefs, prayer heals. Positive thoughts and affirmations provide comfort. Once our minds turn to negativity and doubt, it’s as if we give disease permission to take over. Stay strong & know that your father will be with you on your wedding day. I am so sorry for your struggles. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your way. Kristi

  23. I absolutely believe that the collective intentions of a lot of people can heal others!! So you’ve got my prayers! Good luck to your dad!!

  24. Dearest Meghan
    Have been sending positive vibes for a while now and really geared up last night, thinking of your wonderful dad in Vancouver and wishing him the very best – today, tomorrow and in the coming months and years. I know with your love and expert care along with that of your amazing mom, not to mention Micheal, Carly and the so delightful Mia, your resilient dad will prevail. Nothing could be more of an incentive for him to recover and be well than wanting to walk his much adored daughter down the aisle and eventually play with your little ones. That too is powerful.
    Much love

  25. I will be thinking of you and your family at this time and sending every positive thought for speedy recovery and healing to your wonderful dad.

  26. I send loving and healing energy to your dad – a full and speedy recovery and love and light to your family.

  27. Sending all the good vibes, thoughts and prayers I can muster up – thinking of you and your family!

  28. My thoughts are with you all through this challenging time. If ever there was a time when the Telpner family can pull together for a remarkable recovery and rehabilitation, this is it! You have a big ‘family’ all over the world! We’re praying for you and sending healing energy your way. The vision of a beautiful wedding day will become reality :)

  29. Meghan – all the best for Ron and the family…All those years of rubbing my brush cut for good luck will be passed on to him now…Promise!

    Praying for a speedy recovery!

  30. Lots of positive vibes and healing energy for your Dad is en route. The incredible love that your family shares is already shedding so much light on his journey. All the best.

  31. Sending my love to you and your family. A family that has been so generous with their wisdom, support, and enthusiasm. Meghan, you have dedicated your life’s work to loving and healing us, and I feel your love every time I read your words. I pray for your father, a man who seems so kind and genuine, a man who raised a visionary and gifted healer. I look forward to the future and to seeing photos of him happy and healthy, at your wedding enjoying his family, his wife, his grandchild, his life. Love and light to you and yours.

  32. Sending you and your dad lots of comfort and love today!! Please keep us posted on how he is doing!

  33. My healing thoughts are with your Dad and your whole family. Wishing your Dad a quick and easy recovery from his surgery.

  34. Dear Meghan,
    Send positive, healing vibes for you and your family.

    Iris and Andrew

  35. Thank you for sharing this, my dear, and allowing us to support you. Sending nothing but love, support and strength. We’ll have him skipping you down the aisle. xoxoxoxoxo

  36. Thinking of you and your family, and sending extra prayers for strength and healing to your Dad.

  37. Wishing you, your dad and whole family all the best.
    I’ll keep a good thought for you guys in my heart today.

  38. Meghan,

    I am devoting a few minutes to breathe deeply and send healing wishes to your dad, and whenever I think of him in the next couple of weeks, I will send a little silent prayer to float over to his side.

    Lots of love,

  39. Praying for you dad during his surgery and recovery afterwards… wisdom for the doctors and nurses taking care of him… peace for your family during the waiting. With God, all things are possible!!

  40. My thoughts are with you and your family for a speedy recovery. Thinking positive happy thoughts today and everyday. Lots of laughter, love and sunny days ahead.

  41. Thoughts of energy and healing sent to your father – I know how you must be feeling as my father underwent similar treatment at a younger age than your father. Your love and support will uplift him in his recovery I’m sure.

  42. Meghan —
    Sending you and your beautiful family much love in these challenging moments. You are right: love is so much more than face-to-face, something you demonstrate on a daily basis. And for this, I (along with many others) am grateful.
    May your father come out of surgery strong and may his recovery be quick and thorough.
    You are all in my thoughts and prayers

  43. To your dad, before, during and after the procedure, ask him to picture a powerful yellow light shining over him – taking care of what is beyond himself to see. Put emphasis on how great he’s feeling learning the surgery was successful and he’s cancer free. The mind is extremely powerful. All the support and positive vibes are heading your way.

  44. THANK YOU a gabillion times over. He is off to the hospital for prep and I have been sending your comments along to him!

  45. Megah, you may recall that my husband had this surgery in March 2011, robotically. He came through with flying colors. I am sure that your father will do the same. Surgery is always frightening to everyone, especially those who are patiently waiting for good news. My thoughts and prayers will be with Ron and his loving family and friends. As all of those have said, positive thoughts and affirmations and most importantly, the healing hand of God, will pull him through. Have faith my dear. Pam

  46. Dear Meghan, May your dad and your family all be well and happy. May compassion, loving-kindness and wisdom always be with you all. May your papa heal soon and may you have the strength and courage to continue your great work! Thank you Meghan..! :)

  47. Hi Ron,
    we’ve never met but I love Meghan, and you made her so I guess that means that I’m a fan of yours too. I live in Vancouver, the land of green trees and rain, and today from my city I’m sending you my thoughts for a successful surgery. May knowledge & skill guides the hands of the team working with you, may the healing be painless and speedy and I’m sure you’ll have so many more sunny (& rainy) days ahead of you.
    All my best,

  48. Hey Meg! It has been many years since we have seen each other but you will always hold a special place in my heart as one of my very first friends. Both of your parents always made me feel so welcome in your home. I am sending all my thoughts and prayers to your family and especially your dad, today and always.

  49. Lots of love and positive energy to you and your family, especially to Ron. Thinking of you lots today.

  50. Loving thoughts with you and the Telpner family on this day and as you move forwards. Trust in God, He knows what to do, He planned our lives long before we knew what was coming and we must trust Him to see that plan through. May the peace of Timberlane be with you all xx

  51. Meghan,

    I have been inspired by you since I came across your article in a magazine while (ironically) in the waiting room of a doctor’s office. Your energy and charisma is contagious and the word you preach is invaluable. You have already proven the power of healing that comes from the mind and body when it is in its right state. I truly believe this message and practice it on a daily basis.

    I just read about your father and it grieves me to hear that he is not well but I truly believe in the healing power of the body and mind and know that with all the love, positivity and encouragement that is being sent his way he should be able to make a full recovery and live a long, healthy life.

    Thank you so much for all you do.

  52. Lovely Meghan,
    I’m sending love and hugs to you, your family and especially your Dad!
    You are the most incredible group of people, a hard working bunch who tackle things with patience, love, great work ethic and a hefty amount of optimism and laughter.

    Congrats to you and Josh. I know your Dad will be there walking you down the aisle, and on the road to recovery and a long, healthy, happy life with you all.

    Much love!
    LG xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  53. Sending lots of positive energy, light, and love toward your father and your family, today and in the weeks to come! What a beautiful outpouring of love on this page! – a testement to you and your father both.

  54. Totally get this – very similar experience – praying for your Dad and the whole family. I belive in prayer – God Bless

  55. Meg,
    Sending lots and lots of positive energy your father’s way and to your whole family with hugs included.
    Lots of love,

  56. You don’t know me, and I don’t know you, but your words in your daily blog often inspire me; I am sending good vibes your way…

  57. Meghan, with fondness, I recall your insightful podcast with your dad. With honesty, courage, and truth, Ron shared — and continues to share — his story.
    I am thinking of him and of your family. May the next three months be a time of continued healing and wellness and beauty.

    — Meredith Lordan

  58. Meghan – I haven’t met you yet but have been following your blog diligently for almost two years now. I will make it to your little store one day very soon. In the meantime, I am sending the best of the best wishes ever to you, your family and most of all your father. None of us can truly relate to what he is going through emotionally. He seems like such a positive soul and with that, he can only end-up with a positive outcome.

    My thoughts are with you and your family. Please keep us posted.

  59. Really really good thoughts to your Dad and to your whole family. I wish you all vibrancy, joy, happiness, and health. Xoxox

  60. Sending all positive and healing thoughts to your dad and all of you. . . hoping for a quick and full recovery!

  61. Hi Meghan,

    Sending light and love to you and your dad with a good dose of speedy recovery! Please tell him I have referred my own friends father to his brave posts when he was diagnosed and his words gave so much comfort and hope.

  62. Hi Meghan – we haven’t met, but my wife and I both care for you father very much. Our thoughts you with you and your family now. I’m confident your dad will be back on his feet in no time – we would expect anything less. Love Brian and Heather…..

  63. Best of luck to your father and family! I have to say he is the most stylish dad I’ve ever seen! Thank you for sharing his and your story with us.

  64. I am LOVING your Dad and ALL your family a whole load right now. Thank God for his healing!

  65. Meghan,
    Thinking of you during this “hard time” and sending lots of love, support and green smoothies to you and your family.

  66. We are thinking of you and pray and envision that all will go well. Our thoughts go out to not only Ron, but Patsy, Michael, Meghan, Terri-Lee and Fritzi.
    Dena and Jack

  67. Sending healing thoughts, peace, strength, courage, and love to your father, your mother, you and your family!

  68. Hello Meghan;

    Sending lots of healing light and love to your Father and big hugs to you and your family.

  69. I truly, truly believe in the power of sent energy…whether that be from touch, or from a distance. I’ve never dealt with cancer until now, too, as my grandma was recently diagnosed with acute leukemia. So, I will think of your dad and his battle every single day as I send the same energy to my gram.
    SO much love to you, Meghan, and your entire family.
    Om Om Shanti Om

  70. Sending all the rainbows & sunshine & love that your cheeks can hold!!
    If there is anything at all that I can do please let me know!
    I love you all very much and I just know that your pops is going to be amazingly well very soon!! I can feel it in my heart my sweet punkie :)

  71. Sending positive thoughts your way for a full and speedy recovery and strength to you and your family during this difficult and trying time! xx

  72. I send you and your family lots of love and care, especially to your father. I also send a prayer to all those family members and people who are living with cancer. Thank you for sharing his story with us.

  73. Dear Lord, please heal Meghan’s dad and give him a full recovery. Guide the doctors hands and minds as they care for him and bless him and his family in all ways. Amen.

  74. From way across the oceans, my thoughts and prayers are with you all. Sending you well wishes for health, healing and lots and lots of love.

  75. Your father is an inspiration and you seem to share the same magic. My prayers are with him with each breath I take.

  76. Thinking of and praying for your dear Dad all the way over here in Sydney, Australia!!

    I know these good vibes from around the world will help him through.

    Lots and lots of love to you and all your family xxx

  77. I trust that the surgery went well….wishing your dad the speediest recovery and sending lots of healing energy and good vibes as he embarks on this second chapter of his journey. Sounds like he has the best pillars of support in his corner which is the greatest source of healing anyone could ask for. Many blessings of health and healing.

  78. Hi Meghan,
    Please give your mom and dad my love. I hope all is going well and that he is having an easy and speedy recovery.
    Your parents have amazing attitudes towards life, great personal strength and wonderful times to come.

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