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Super Powered Breakfast Smoothie


Tell me- What do you like to put in your smoothie?

Smoothies seem to be the go-to healthy meal. It is simple enough- throw some good things in a blender, blend and drink. There is certainly a huge smoothie demand out there given the ridiculous number of smoothie products on the market. Some are good, most or horrible.

As a believer in the true benefit of whole foods, where nutrients and phytochemicals can work synergistically, I don't think there is anything better for our health than eating real food. This means, a high protein food would be better than a soy isolate or whey based protein powder, just as a carrot is way better than a carrot pill. You with me?

When I make my smoothies, I try and use the absolute best foods available to me. You definitely won't find one of those ginormous vats of whey protein in my cupboards. If you were ever to find a protein supplement, most likely it would be a hemp protein or possibly a goat whey (like the one from Garden of Life) but I'll stick with my raw foods.

The other thing you won't find in my smoothie is any kind of dairy product. I know a lot of people like to put yogurt in to make it creamy, but a banana or avocado would do the same. Though organic sheep or goat milk yogurt is generally the dairy product I'll make an exception for, I avoid the mucous and acidifying affects of dairy. And I avoid soy products, cause I just do (explanations I am sure will come in time).

And so what DO I put in my power packed, energy rich, health supportive GREEN Smoothie? Great great things!

  • Goji berries as they are a superior source of antioxidants.
  • Soaked almonds for their protein and calcium content.
  • Chia seeds, for their amazing amino acid profile and omega 3 essential fatty acids that have a great anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Cacao beans, one of the most powerful foods on earth, rich in antioxidants (maybe the most concentrated source available) and essential trace minerals.
  • Depending on how I ate the previous day, I might also add in some flax- also a good source of protein and omega 3s, they are a lubricating source of fibre.
  • Fresh or dried coconut, or a scoop of coconut oil- a super food that is anti-microbial, anti-parasitic and anti-viral. It also helps stabilize blood sugar.
  • Pinch of cayenne to increase circulation which helps the body detoxify waste by increasing blood circulation to bring in fresh oxygen to the cells.
  • Spirulina- this is a non-negotiable! This blue-green algae comes from the sea and is a superior source of protein. It is a powder so it requires very little energy to be digested and is amazingly rich in chlorophyll- a phytochemical that comes straight from the sun's energy, helps detoxify and nourish the blood and therefore every cell of the body. In my opinion, this is one the best green foods we can eat.
  • Sprouts- sprout your own or buy them, they are rich in protein and enzymes (details here). I like pea shoots the best as they are green and also for convenience, they stay very long in the fridge (about two weeks if not more!)
  • Celery- great source of cellulose (fibre that does not get digested but just helps move things along) and helps with sodium balance in the cells
  • Half a banana- adds some sweetness, potassium and creaminess
  • And lots of water. I don't like my smoothies that thick so I add a lot of water, and with all that fibre, the more water the better.
  • Stevia- for a little sweetness without effecting blood sugar

Other things I may add in depending on what's in my fridge- spinach, cucumber, zucchini, avocado and kale. I will sometimes change up the fruit- using mango or berries when they are in season. I have been known to throw in a wedge of lemon for vitamin C or some ginger if I feel cold, or rundown. But what you likely notice is that this is a very green smoothie. Yes! Yes it is. Too much fruit in the morning will spike your blood sugar levels and keep you craving sweets through the day.

Lean, mean and green is the way to go!

Super Powered Breakfast Smoothie

Prep time: 

Cook time: 

Total time: 

  • 2 Tbs raw almonds (soaked if possible)
  • 1 Tbs chia seeds
  • 1 Tbs goji berries
  • 1 Tbs raw cacao beans or nibs
  • ½ Tbs spirulina
  • 1 Tbs coconut (or ½ Tbs coconut oil)
  • ¼ – ⅓ cup sprouts
  • 1-2 stalks of celery
  • 1 banana
  • pinch of cayenne
  • 3 cups water
  • stevia (optional)
  • 1 Tbs flaxseeds (optional and may need to pre-grind depending on the power of your blender)

Make It Like So
  1. Throw in the blender and blend.
  2. Drink right away- all the fibre will start to absorb the water if you leave it too long.

I would love to know what your fave smoothie mix is. Post it below!

36 Responses to “Super Powered Breakfast Smoothie”

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  2. yummy smoothies!! i love the goji berry addition...those things are nutrient KINGS!!!! cant wait to read more about the green smoothie cleanse. sounds last cleanse attempt involved mostly liquids, some solids with seeds & fish and raw veggies, but i got SOOO tired of drinking all my foods, you know?
  3. You're too cute! I am def gonna try this smoothie recipe soon. Happy April to ya, girl.
  4. Amandamoo said… April 2, 2009
    I'd love to do a smoothie cleanse but I don't know how to take one to work... Any recommendations on "portable" options?
  5. I generally love greens in my smoothie, and berries. My basic recipe is here. I'll sometimes add rice or hemp protein if I feel I need the extra boost. Yours sounds great!
  6. I'm curious to hear more. Currently I use spinach, mixed berries, sometimes 1/2 banana, sweat leaf, water, and whey protein powder. What could I use in place of the whey protein powder to still get a good amount of protein? nothing with nuts, seeds, or eggs.
  7. Green smoothie cleanse sounds intriguing. Will the ingredients be similar to the ones in the smoothie above? I don't currently have many of those ingredients in my house, and would need to pick them up a few at a time so's I don't break the bank. I've only seen dried goji berries in the stores here. Is that what you're using? Not sure if my wimpy blender would make them very smooth!
  8. Such a great video! I love smoothies and now that spring is finally here I am definitely more inclined to make them. I love your recipe and am definitely intrigued by your upcoming challenge!
  9. Love it Meghan! Funny- everything you put in your smoothies, I do as well! I would love to try your cleanse challenge but am thinking since I am not 100% healed it would probably not be a good idea as if may stress my body too much. Question- where do you get your spirulina? I've had a few different kinds now and wondering which is your fav since you're a spirulina girl like myself!
  10. Or what brand is it? I guess is what I meant!
  11. Amandamoo: will have to think about the portable options for you. Leaving out the extra fibre (like flax seeds) might be an option, the other is a small portable blender like the magic bullet and I know Hamilton Beach makes one for about $20.00 Kari: I would suggest more spirulina and greens- both good sources of protein. Hemp hearts, sprouted buckwheat (soak overnight then blend), brown rice protein or rice bran if you still fell like you need more. Keep in mind that on average we need only about 50grams of protein a day and most people get close to 200. Laurie- The green smoothie cleanse would be mainly vegetables with some essential oils and likely a fibre, like ground flax which is very inexpensive. I will post the details next week. As for the goji's, I use dry, only thing available. If your blender is delicate, soak them over night or for about an hour and they will reconstitute (meaning get soft, almost as if they were fresh). Coconutgal: I currently use the Nu-Life Greens which I have been enjoying. The canister seems to be lasting forever! As for doing the cleanse, most people hugely benefit from this tyoe of cleanse as you are getting a massive amount of easily digestible nutrients. This means the nutrients absorb into your body with minimal energy and effort so energy can go to healing. When I write up the details of the cleanse, I will explain this philosophy in more detail. Essentially, the only people I would suggest avoid are type 1 diabetics and people who are more than ten pounds underweight. Otherwise it can be incredibly healing. If you are interested, we could definitely work out ways to modify it so that you are comfortable with it. And if you are under the care of a natural health care practitioner, you could always ask their opinion too.
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  13. Do you have any idea whether the spirulina is gluten free? Also, would it taste fine without it? I'd love to give it a whirl, literally and figuratively!
  14. Thanks for the suggestions Meghan!!
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  19. Jennifer R. said… May 8, 2009
    Where can I order the Nu Life Greens from? Online? thanks!
  20. sheila d. said… May 12, 2009
    question - wanted to see your thoughts on this smoothie - i'm using 'vegan all in one natural plant based formula' banana, strawberries, rasberries and milk for liquid. is this a good combination? do you have an 'improvement' recommendations?
  21. My recommendation would be to use just regular old fruit- leaving out the mix and adding in almond butter for protein and a dairy-free milk like almond milk, oat milk, rice milk or just water and ice cubes.
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  24. my favorite ingredient when making my smoothie is kefir. i just love it (hence the name). if you dont like putting dairy on your smoothie, there is water kefir. kefir is just great, even better than yogurt. it has all great and healthy benefits for your body!
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  27. Love the thought of ditching out on store-bought giant jars of whey protein and replacing with real foods! I just bought soymilk though for this 5 Day Vegan challenge...any shake recipe suggestions? Don't think I have the funds to buy the ingredients for this recipe...something simpler?
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