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4 Ways To Get Better Sleep | Meghan TV



You feeling it? In doing research for this video, I came across some insanely terrifying statistics about sleep which I share in today's episode. To whet your whistle, think about this one...

8.6 million adults in the U.S. use prescription sleep medication.

This is not okay! Why is it that this simple thing, something built into our human selves that is required for us to heal, repair, and function, is becoming increasingly difficult?

All you have to do is lie down, stop and close your eyes. I think it's the 'stop' bit that we're having trouble with. With all the bright lights, stimulating foods, evening news and a glowing screen we carry in our pockets, we don't ever stop anymore. We expect that when the clock reaches that magic number, our brains will just shut down and allow us to gently glide into that place of sweet, deep sleep. Nope. Not happening.

But we need to sleep. Exhaustion is epidemic. We use coffee as a main fuel source, buzz on adrenaline all the live long day and crash at the end of it, but when it comes to actually going to sleep, we are left blinking, and buzzing, tossing and turning.

We address what you need to know in today's episode of MeghanTV with my special guest, clinical nutritionist and functional medicine specialist Josh Gitalis.

  • Frightening stats about how tired YOU actually are!
  • How to set up your room for optimal sleep.
  • Why checking your email before bed is a very, very bad thing (and not just because of what your email says).
  • How your alarm clock could be hindering your sleep quality, before it's even time to wake up.
  • An important and often overlooked dietary requirement for sleep.
  • What you need to avoid for optimal sleep.

I highly recommend you take these important tips from Josh into account and try them out. When we are in a rush, or feel like our days are packed too tight, we often forfeit sleep. Sleep needs to be a non-negotiable date in our lives, each and every day. Without enough of it we will burn out, get sick more frequently, and ultimately, all the other best bits of our day will be less awesome.

What are your best tips for winding down and ensuring you get great sleep?

29 Responses to “4 Ways To Get Better Sleep | Meghan TV”

  1. Kristen said…
    I love Natural works like a charm for me. Great video though (as always!). Do you plan on carrying the sleep masks in your online store again? I can't seem to find one that looks that fun or cozy.
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      Hi Kristen. I was having my masks made locally, but sadly, my sewing queen is taking some off. You might try your luck on Etsy in the meantime!
  2. cathy devos said…
    How about trying some lavender before bed?
    • Jacqueline said…
      I was going to suggest that too! My boyfriend and I use it when we are having a hard time falling asleep. Lavender essential oil dabbed under nose, on third eye and temples and back of neck. I usually fall asleep within minutes. Some people do the soles of the feet too.
  3. Anna said…
    Hi Meghan, in a video tour of your new home posted earlier this year, you showed viewers an aromatherapy mist unit on your bedside stand which, of course, helps with relaxation and sleep. Are you able to share the make/model/brand of this unit and suggestions on where I may purchase it? Thanks.
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      Hi Anna, Thank you for takin the time to read my blog and watch the videos. The diffuser I use is the The Puzhen Essential Oil Diffuser. You can find more information about the diffuser and some of my other favourite products on this blog post. Happy relaxing!
  4. Cindy Veaudry said…
    Great video! And I love that you and Josh are fellow Canadians! My husband and I use our phones/ipads for our meditation (a recording that we use). I think that if I was to put the device in airplane mode and turn off the wifi it would eliminate the EMF. What do you think? Also, my husband uses bluetooth headphones when listening to his meditation. If he was to turn off that feature and use a cord to connect headphones to device, would that eliminate the EMF? Thanks so much. I love your information. Meghan I read your blog every time I get the email.
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      Hi Cindy, Thank you for following my blog! Putting your devices in airplane mode will definitely lessen your exposure to EMF. You can also look into EMF free headphones.
  5. ranga Vunnam said…
    Usually I fall asleep by deep breathing and counting , say up to 30!
  6. Christine M. said…
    Hi, I'm praying that you receive my question. After 11 years of a Neutraceutical approach to my crohns, my GI Dr says based on my recent MRE, a fistula is forming in the already narrowed terminal ileum. Please, please offer me any insight. My Dr naturally is highly recommending Remicade, ugh, that Scares me! I have now conceded however to Entocort, a newer steroid with much fewer side effects than steroid predecessors. I am a 32-year flight attendant, and no surprise to me, he's suggesting some time off from a very stressful job, notwithstanding the caustic environment as well, ha and those hotels after 32 years, ugh! I look so forward to hearing from you! Christine ......Thankyou !
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      Hi Christine. I'd recommend working with a practitioner in your area, as I'm not able to give one-to-one advice in this forum. If you're interested in learning more about my journey with Crohn's, you can check out this post: I truly wish you well!
  7. Ines said…
    Thanks for the interview about sleep tips - I didn't know about the protein part, so I'll be paying more attention to what I'm eating from now on. Thank you again.

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