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Bra Burning: Let Your Girls Be Free, Part 2


Read Part 1 Here

It should come as no surprise to you at this point that as a child, I may have been known to get dressed up in costumes and do rather elaborate lip syncing performances. That song Otto Titsling from Beaches (above), was part of my usual repertoire.  Thank goodness my parents weren't so tech savvy.   I feel great pity for the kiddies who get their odd-kid stuff captured on digital.

I may perhaps be divulging too much info here, but I've done it before... I rarely wear a bra. I am fortunate that for the most part, I can pull it off. If I am ever in a gray area, I'll get little shelf-bra'd tank and where it under whatever I'm wearing. I am not a fan of sports bras because they tend to smush and push, give you a uni-boob and make you feel like you're walking around all day in a mamogram machine.  But I am also not into letting the ladies fly wild in professional situations. Just like I do with mascara, I select my occasions and just do it that way.

I wore a bra everyday of my life for a good, I don't know, 17 years or so. I have never been particularly boobilicious, they are small and mighty- like the rest of me. But since working from home, I hardly ever put one on and I now feel pretty suffocated when I do. And there is a lot to that.

Remember a couple weeks ago when I talked about toxins and deodorants?

If you missed those, check them here:

I talked about the link between blocking the pores of the neck and pits, and how toxins settle in our fat tissue and then we have our boobs right there as an ample source of fat tissue for toxic waste to settle. Well think about what a push up bra does! It pushes that fatty tissue right up in there. Not only that, but we then suffocate the pores in and around that area with synthetic materials so even if stuff could get out, it would be trapped to the surface of our skin and simply reabsorbed. To mention the toxic load in the fabrics themselves, opens a whole other discussion.

So when we wear a bra for extended periods of time, not only are we suffocating the toxins into the body, but we don't even allow enough movement for waste matter to move out or for fresh oxygenated blood to move in. It's a battle we just can't win.

I know that some women do need to wear bras more than others because of size, back problems etc. There are still options, and offer the big gazunda girls some options too, down below.

Consider These Factors:

  • Tight-fitting bras (especially the type with under-wire) impede the circulation of the blood and lymph around the breasts and surrounding tissues leading to a greater propensity for lymph glands in this area to become blocked. This is seriously harmful for us as these glands are our major detoxifying force in this region. When they are blocked, toxins from the breasts cannot be drained properly.
  • Even if we keep things natural and don't use chemical laden lotions and deodorants, we still accumulate a toxic load on a daily basis by virtue of being living breathing beings. We accumulate toxins from walking down the street and through the byproducts of digestion that we cannot avoid and these toxins tend to deposit in our fat cells. What are our ta-tas made from? That's right, fat and breast tissue.  We really need all the detoxifying power we can get around this area!
  • Movement is important for the circulation of lymph. For instance, exercising decreases one's risk of developing cancer. Constricted breasts are unable to move, and as a result, lymph is unable to flow efficiently.
  • Women evolved under conditions where there was breast movement with every step that they took when they walked or ran. Every subtle bounce of the breast while moving, walking, running, etc. gently massages the breast and increases lymphatic flow and thus cleans the breast of toxins and wastes that arise from cellular metabolism.

In my research, I also found some points relating to a new study researching  whether benign fibrocystic breast disease can be treated by stopping bra-wearing for eight weeks. That should be interesting.

So then what can you do to lighten the toxic load of that region?

Meghan's Tips For Healthy Boobs

  • Avoid toxic cosmetic products in areas that will be confined (or anywhere for that matter).
  • Get yourself properly fitted for a bra to ensure it's offering maximum support with minimum health risks.
  • Get yourself a properly fitting sports bra for high impact activity.
  • Buy underthings in natural fibres, untreated and un-perfumed.
  • Save the lacy fancy stuff for special occasions.
  • Wash your under things using natural cleaning products.
  • Buy some less supportive camisoles or tanks with built in shelf when you don't need the extra support.
  • Let the girls go free every chance you get.
  • Massage your breasts and underarms thoroughly after a day in a bra to get the lymph flowing.

Now, obviously diet and lifestyle play a major role in complete breast health, but for the sake of this post- I am restricting it to bra related tips. Otherwise we could be here all day!

Question of the Day: What steps do you take to keep your "girls" their healthiest?

18 Responses to “Bra Burning: Let Your Girls Be Free, Part 2”

  1. This in an interesting discussion. I've read varying things about the bra-breast cancer correlation research; some say it is misleading or not properly controlled, but then again I don't remember any specific points against it. I've definitely got to wear a supportive bra to be comfortable when walking, etc., but I do try not to wear anything too restrictive. Also, exercise and deep breathing are both supposed to be good for lymphatic flow, if I'm not mistaken?
  2. Brigitte VK said…
    I think the biggest thing to take away from Meghan's post is whenever you get a chance and feel comfortable - let "the girls" go free. And perhaps to be very aware and consistent in doing lymphatic massages... that is one the key steps you can do to flush toxins from your system regularly. Be a bit more choosy when you wear your under wire bras and to invest in a variety for PROPER fitting bras. I myself have fibrous breasts and fibroids in my uterus - changing my bras and my bra habits (along with my diet - red meat and sugar help to aggravate this condition) has made a dramatic difference in the amount of "cysts" I get. As always take charge of your health - the person who knows your body best. Is YOU.
  3. @meghantelpner said…
    Can your bra be hindering your health? Yup...check this out
  4. @meghantelpner said…
    Can your bra be hindering your health? Yup...check this out
  5. @LeChouSauvage said… Boob health. Check it.
  6. Marie Wittman said…
    Thanks for doing the research and writing on an important topic, Meghan! All your points are spot on and one to add to the list is the importance of mechanical load on the cells within our breast tissue. Similar to where you were going with the anthropology angle, the normal functioning of all our cells, including those within the breasts, developed within a time when there was no such thing as bras or tight-fitting clothing of any sort. Thus, for optimal cell health (which keeps cancer cells from getting away from our immune system's regulation) we need that gravitational pull on our tissues. The research on the impact of the mechanical environment on cancer cells is still relatively new, but as we await that info it is worth spending more time braless (and men should be forgoing tight underwear too!).

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