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4 things to do RIGHT NOW to prevent breast cancer


It's October and that means breast cancer awareness month, pink ribbons out the wazoo and runs, walks, and bake sales every other day.

I'm over this awareness thing because at the end of the day- even when you are blessed with early detection, you still have cancer to deal with.

In the video below, I have outlined four incredibly easy things you can do right now to start working to prevent breast cancer- and it's not what you think. I'm not telling you to switch your whole diet to organic and soy-free-vegan or telling you to start pumping yourself full of green juice (though both in moderation, with a smile on your face would help).

The four tips I have outlined are crazy easy and require minimal, if any change to the way you're already living.

There are of course no guarantees, but I feel comfort in knowing that I did everything I could to make sure the cards are stacked in my favour of maintaining my health.

Early prevention is worth every itty bitty effort.

Check out my four tips  and when you're done watching, share below what other little itty bitty things you do to stay on the health train.

The biggest impact often comes from the smallest decisions. 

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30 Responses to “4 things to do RIGHT NOW to prevent breast cancer”

  1. Theresa said…
    Oh man, I'm a 36DD, I can't be in public bra-less. I don't wear one to bed, but I have to during the day, and at the gym and when running. This bra information concerns me.
    • Kyndel said…
      Theresa I don't think she meant you can never where one, but the longer you can go at home without one the better. It is very understandable that you need one for the situations you listed but not wearing one while you are sleeping as well as maybe doing the dishes after dinner and things like that will really help. :)
  2. Cathy DeVos said…
    I'm a breast cancer survivor with numerous lymph nodes removed...I focus on eating brassica foods everyday.
  3. Tamara said…
    Thanks for these great tips, Meghan! I try to wear bras without underwire now whenever I can, as I've heard these are better for lymph circulation... Also, I make a nice homemade breast massage oil which I use to massage my boobs before bed every night (or have your partner get in on the action too). The massage itself is really helpful to get the lymph moving, but I also use detoxifying essential oils in the formula (e.g. sage, juniper). Plus, I think this little bit of daily self-love helps us stay connected to our breasts, to our femininity.
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      What a great (and fun!) tip- thanks for sharing, Tamara!
  4. Deb Young said…
    Thank you for such practical, easy to do, not costing a fortune, information. If we had more people like you in this world, what a wonderful place this would be. Love receiving your fun and positive notes. Deb
  5. Deborah da Silva said…
    Thank you Meghan, for tip #3. I feel much better know.
  6. Leila said…
    Thanks for these great tips. I was wondering: Are wireless bras are safer for our lymphatic system than bras with wires?
    • Jo said…
      Unfortunately, it would be easy if bras were the problem, but I hate to bring the news - they are not. Check out these two websites to begin to understand why:
      • Meghan Telpner said…
        Several studies have shown the connection- referenced above, as well there are more that show the connection to anti-persipirant (relating to the 2nd link).
  7. Sandra said…
    Thanks for this awesome information Meghan! What would you recommend to use instead of plastic containers for the lunch im taking to work for example? I've never seen any alternatives on offer anywhere really..? Thanks a bunch :)
    • Grace Miano said…
      You can buy glass containers (like pyrex), or use recycled glass jarsm or there are some companies that makes non-toxic food wraps :) Just buy these items when you see them on sale and slowly phase out the plastic.
  8. Amy Samson said…
    Natural deodorant! There's no way those Aluminum/toxin laden sticks are good for the bosom!

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