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Labels are for tin cans- and I mean it!


Labels are for tins cans- is a line in my creed, but I also mean it fully and completely.

We've  been immersed in the world of all things UnDiet as we plan our six month blog tour, book launch, book club and loads more- we have been calling on people to join forces with us.

I have been surprised by the questions we get back and have come to realize the following:

1. That all too often, subscribing to one diet or another seems to become a dedication where people become unable to open up to or support the fact that there is no one best way to eat for everyone on the planet.

2. The wild and wide range of assumptions that have been made of my own diet and the assumption of point two above, that I will not work with someone who doesn't subscribe to how I eat (or how they think I eat).

For the most part, it seems, I am assumed to be vegan. Many have labelled me vegetarian. Some even consider me "hard core healthy", and the result of these assumptions about me- have people 'confessing' that they eat meat, drink coffee, or even have the occasional doughnut- fearing that these common habits may have me running in the other direction. However- I was never assumed to be vegan enough to participate in a Raw/Vegan festival. I have been reported to the Toronto Veg Association for discussing the healing powers of chicken soup on one of my retreats.

The truth is that unless you have hired me to tell you what to eat, you can do as you think best for yourself. I'm good with that. I don't pay attention to the labels and neither should you.

Your diet of choice is not who you are. (Tweet that gem!)

I have never at any time given a label to the way I eat. You won't find my eating habits tattooed on my body and you won't ever find me telling you that you need to eat just like me to be optimally healthy. And this is for very good reason.

I sincerely believe that there is an optimal way that each of us need to be eating and that each of us require our own unique formula. I do not believe that the vegan way of eating is absolutely right for everyone, all the time, ongoing. I also couldn't say that everyone should be eating meat, ongoing, all the time either. I know people who reversed disease and lost loads of pounds on a raw diet and people who did the same by transitioning to a paleo diet. I also know individuals who subsequently gained weight or developed cavities on a long term vegan diet. Dr. Gonzales has case studies of specific cancers that require a veg diet to heal and other cancers that require high amounts of organic meat to heal.

When you read someone's blog and they boast a certain way of eating that is creating health miracles in their lives- it becomes so inspiring. Be inspired by others- but don't ever let anyone's personal miracle diet make you feel like that is the only option for you.

I know through personal experience as well as through my work with others that our diets require modification ongoing. As I've spoke about before, a certain diet may serve us for a time. A specific way of eating may help us to overcome a health challenge, but does that automatically mean that this way of eating needs to be how we eat forever and ever? I don't think it does.

We live in an environment where seasons change,  our activity levels change, our hormones change, and we age. All of these factors and so many more will influence what the right diet is for you at any given time in your life, and it is then up to you to determine whether the way you are eating is continuing to support your own optimal health, or whether it is time to make adjustments. Don't ever be attached to a dietary label that sacrifices your health in the process.

I can tell you that if I were to love and support you as a vegan, I will love and support you just the same should you decide you need eggs or broth or whatever in your diet. Your diet of choice is not who you are. You being you is who you are and I would hope that what you choose to eat ultimately acts to support who you are in the most optimal, awesome, health supportive way.

Don't label me. I won't label you. Save the labels for the tin cans and lets all agree to keep those tin can foods on the grocery store shelf and instead, agree together, to just eat real food.


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27 Responses to “Labels are for tin cans- and I mean it!”

  1. hannahransom said…
    Love love love. I totally agree with you.

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