Episode 24: Digestion – A Critical Part Of Health We Tend To Ignore

It seems simple: you eat food, and then you digest and break down the nutrients to use in your body. But this simple process isn’t always so simple! Today is the day we’re talking digestion.

It might sound basic but it might be our most important topic yet! Yes, choosing the right foods for you are important, but digesting and assimilating the nutrients from our food is what matters. This is a very basic yet critical topic and we have no doubt it’s going to change the way you think about what and, even more so, how you’re eating.

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Covered In This Episode

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The simplest thing you can do straight away to improve digestion 
  • The top foods for digestive support 
  • The most common digestive irritants
  • Keys to digestive healing 
  • What the ‘second brain’ is and the role it plays in digestion
  • Some ‘slippery’ foods that you’ll want to keep on hand
  • What to consider when deciding to take on a digestive-healing diet

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Brad Kahn - Culinary Nutrition Expert

Brad Kahn

Brad has been a fitness professional for 20 years, coaching elite athletes and everyday people to reach and exceed their goals. Brad has always been passionate about food and knew that eating a whole foods diet was his secret to success as he raced multiple Ironman Triathlons and 100 km trail races.   

Brad is one of many graduates who have been able to pivot and enhance their health and wellness businesses with the addition of their culinary nutrition training. Since graduating from the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program, Brad has introduced culinary nutrition to all his clients, launching the Holistic Lifestyle Academy, combining culinary nutrition with customized movements, giving his clients the mental freedom to perform, fall in love with foods, simplify choices and enhance their joy! 

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