Episode 5: How To Stop Being Fooled By The Label

There are a multitude of label claims splashed across food products and they can be confusing, luring us to believe certain items are nutritious when companies are merely capitalizing on healthy-sounding buzzwords to sell their wares. Our fifth episode of the Today Is The Day Podcast, “How To Stop Being Fooled By The Label”, is now available on your favourite podcast platforms.

In this episode, we have an important and practical conversation about food labels. We decode what all those nutrition labels and health claims really mean so that you will never again be fooled by the label.

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Covered In This Episode

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The little ways labels can confuse you more often than educate you.
  • The definition of “healthwashing” and how companies can mislead us into thinking we’re eating healthier than we actually are.
  • The one label you really do need to focus on.
  • What does “100% natural” actually mean? And what’s the secret about natural vs. artificial flavouring?
  • That each of us burn calories at different rates, and that we should adjust for our metabolism.
  • That calorie counting is not as important as what’s actually in the ingredient list.
  • What fortified foods are and why you should skip them.
  • How to take a more skeptical look at organic food labeling.
  • Josh and Meghan’s personal hierarchy for selecting food.
  • What fair trade labels can tell us about the working conditions where food is grown.

Episode Bonus: Fooled By The Label Cheat Sheet

This episode’s bonus is a printable that offers:

  • Tips to help you remember some of the most popular labels
  • What the most popular health labels mean
  • The symbols you want to look out for

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Fooled by the Label

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