Episode 20: Our Top 10 Favourite Healthy Lifestyle Products

The sheer number of products available for us to purchase is staggering. There are gizmos and gadgets in every industry, but the health and nutrition world is home to countless food, culinary, lifestyle and wellness products and it’s hard to know what’s a passing fad or a must-have buy. Meghan and Josh spend a lot of time researching products and are extremely selective in what they purchase – and they’re sharing their knowledge today with all of you. Our 20th episode of the Today Is The Day Podcast, “Our Top 10 Favourite Healthy Lifestyle Products”, is now available on your favourite podcast platforms.

Today is the day we’re sharing our top 10 favourite products – these are the things that Meghan and Josh use regularly, love, and have stood the test of time.

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Covered In This Episode

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The game-changing purchase that might be one of the most critical health investments
  • A product that Meghan and Josh have logged over 15,000 hours using since they got it
  • The product that you can take and use anywhere and that might just get rid of headaches in 10 minutes of use
  • A kitchen tool Meghan and Josh use every single day, that even their 3-year-old knows how to use
  • And ultimately, how to know when a product is worth trying or just a passing gimmick or fad

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