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Coffee-Free Hazelnut Coffee Ice Cream



It’s my birthday today. Oh me, oh my. As of today I am a whopping 32 years old. Yep. I always thought by the time I was 32 I’d be all grown up, with a grown up job, maybe running my own little biz, travelling the world, have a sweet man-panion by my side and enjoying other such lovely indulgences as coffee-like dairy-free ice cream, and hopefully not looking a day over 30… maybe even 28.

And by golly gee me, I think I have done it. The abundance is sweetness. And to celebrate my birthday, my besties over at Hamilton Beach Canada are helping me, help you celebrate. We’re giving away an ice cream maker!

Let’s first have a sit and chat about aging. Because I am working my hardest to stop the aging process from happening.

Given that I keep being told that I might just be aging in reverse (aside from this insane wiry gray hair that sticks straight up from the top of my head) I thought I’d offer my very, very, very best anti-aging tips, tricks and goodness.

Meghan’s Top 10 UnDiet Tips To Prevent Looking Like An Old Worn Leather Handbag

  1. Never eat white food– that means white sugar, white bread, white potatoes or white (pink or brown) milk from a black and white cow.
  2. Booze is for booze worthy occasions only. That means a glass of wine 2-3 times a month.
  3. Sleeeeeeeeeep. All you have to do is lie down and do nothing for 8 hours. Do it. Love it. And keep it dark in your room.
  4. Buffered Vitamin C powder: Vitamin C keeps the skin elastically delicious and unwrinkled. Also helps us manage stress. I put it in everything from smoothies to salad dressings to dips.
  5. Get loads of sunshine! I do! Winter, spring, summer and fall. I am outside as much as I can be. Stay hidden during highest heat but I let that sunshine in!
  6. No toxins on this punum (that’s Yidish for face). Never will I use a toxic cream, moisturizer, makeup, or suncreeen. 100% edible on my face or nothing at all.
  7. Muchas H20: Start every morning with two glasses of water- one with lemon and cayenne, and one straight up. Hydration keeps the cells from turning into prune-like wrinkled sacs.
  8. Eat what you need, not always what you want, most of the time. This means making every bite as superpowered dense with nutrition as possible- but still having fun on a night out to dinner with friends. Let’s not be insane over this. The more nutrient packed your meals, the less you eat in the volume- the better for your bod!
  9. Laugh Often and Breathe Deep. Laughing lifts stress and the deeper and longer and slower you breathe the less you age. Just ask the 150 year old yogis over in India.
  10. Kick the caffeine! The surest way to get stressed out from the inside out, and dried up like a piece of burnt toast is to keep sucking back those coffees and sodas. Enough already.

Now, does this mean you have to stop eating your favourite coffee rum ice cream? No way. Wait, you don’t yet have a favourite coffee/rum ice cream? Well you do now. And this babydoll of love is dairy, soy, gluten, sugar and coffee free! We do put a little rum in it but that’s optional.

My secret weapon ingredient in this coffee heaven ice cream is Dandy Blend. I LOVE this stuff to bits. It contains dandelion root, which is amazing for toning the kidneys and detoxing the blood and liver, has over 50 trace minerals and is gluten-free.
There is no reason that we can’t celebrate, and indulge and do it deliciously. So, a wonderful dairy-free ice cream recipe? This was my ultimate birthday treat.

 Coffee-Free Hazelnut Coffee-Free Ice Cream

  • 2 cups hazelnut milk
  • 1 cup cashew cream (blend 1/2 cup cashews with 1/2 cup water)
  • 2 Tbs-1/4 cup cup Dandy Blend (or coffee substitute of choice)
  • 2 Tbs raw cacao
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup
  • 2 Tbs rum (optional)
  • Blend hazelnut milk, cashew cream, Dandy Blend, raw cacao, maple syrup and optional rum until smooth.
  • Transfer to Hamilton Beach ice cream maker and let run for 30 minutes.
  • Option to freeze in individual ice cube trays, remove from tray and run through food processor to make creamy.

87 responses to “Coffee-Free Hazelnut Coffee Ice Cream”

  1. Love In The Kitchen (@meghantelpner) (@meghantelpner) (@meghantelpner) (@meghantelpner) says:

    Happy Birthday To Me Ice Cream #dessert #health #healthytreats #recipe #happiness

    • Nicole says:

      Yes indeed, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!! I love ice cream, especially the coconut variety. I finally got to try green tea and pistacio ice cream at Hibiscus in Kensington (they make all their dairy free ice cream in house) and I am in love. An ice cream maker would help me in my quest to ween my love off of dairy :)

  2. kristina foley says:

    hazlenut icecream with dark chocolate chunks!

  3. Janet says:

    Happy Happy Birthday Meghan!! Wishing you more delicious abundance, vibrant health, and happiness and success today and every day!

  4. Joanne says:

    Lately, i am loving the combo of maple walnut ice cream. Yum. Hope you have a wonderfully indulgent birthday with lots of love and happiness.

  5. Tania Thornewell says:

    Happy Birthday – October is a busy month for birthdays. I have two kids that had birthdays. And with a family of seven trying to make ice cream with one ice cream maker is just not enough. I would love to have two. So we all could have a nice size bowl.
    My favourite new ice cream for the october season is. Pumpkin Ice cream
    Two cans of coconut milk, about 1/2 can of pumpkin, pumpkin spice – enough to season it well, and agave enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. Blend then add to ice cream maker. I served this with cookies and made ice cream sandwiches – thanksgiving dessert. Everyone loved it. Yummy.

  6. TREVOR JOHNSTON (@trevmoy) (@trevmoy) (@trevmoy) says:

    Happy Birthday To Me Ice Cream: It’s my birthday today. Oh me, oh my. As of today I am a whopping 32 years old. …

  7. Lisa says:

    Happy Birthday to you!
    I am strictly dairy free, gluten free and sugar free and LOVE ice cream! It’s my favourite food:)
    I have always dreamed to have a mint chocolate ice cream treat that was ok for my sensitive tummy. You are giving me a chance to make my dreams come true, I am filled with gratitude:)

  8. Dominique says:

    Yay! Happy 32nd bday! Seems like the ice cream would be a fantastic way to enjoy it, hope the rest of the day is just as sweet :)
    I know for me, I’d probably make a delish mint and cocoa nibs ice cream (mint + chocolate = most genius combination ever)

    Have a fantastic day,

  9. Amelie says:

    My absolute favourite ice cream is pumpkin soft serve. I have been making it with pumpkin puree, pumpkin spices and frozen bananas in the food processor. Would love an ice cream maker for more authentic ice cream making abilities.

  10. Alex says:

    I got a sample of Dandy Blend at the CHFA and I too now love it.

    Happiest Birthday Meghan!

  11. Cherie says:

    Wishing you a birthday as special as you are Meghan!!! Enjoy your day!

  12. Kristin (Cook, Bake, Nibble) says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Looks absolutely delicious! My favorite ice cream flavor was always cookie dough, but now I’m a Coconut Bliss girl, chocolate hazlenut! :)


  13. Tamara says:

    Feliz Cumpleanos Meghan!!
    Hope you have the happiest of birthdays and a wonderful year ahead.
    My fav is Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge by Coconut Bliss.
    Quick question, how is Dandy Blend different from other dandelion blend coffee substitute? I’ve used Krakus and Bambu.

  14. Samantha Angela @ Bikini Birthday says:

    Happy Birthday Meghan!

  15. Deborah says:

    Happy Birthday. My favorite ice cream is wild blueberry. Thanks for your inspiration and sharing your tips.

  16. Love In The Kitchen (@meghantelpner) (@meghantelpner) (@meghantelpner) (@meghantelpner) says:

    It’s my birthday and we’re doing something crazy and fun with our friends @HBCanadaNews!

  17. Jesse (Out To Lunch Creations) says:

    Happy Birthday!!! My fav type of icecream is Moonmist, I haven’t had it in years and I’m not sure there is a way to make it healthy!

    I also follow you on Twitter and like you on facebook as OutToLunchC

    I hope your day is magical!

  18. Carrie says:

    Happy birthday, Meghan! When you have a moment, I’d like a recipe for Black Cherry ice cream! And banana ice cream, pretty please. (That one, I’ll make for my Dad – it’s impossible to find anymore.) xo

  19. Kendall says:

    My faaavorite has always been some rendition of chocolate. I would love to try a cacao version now though!!

    Happy birthday Meghan! congrats on your great achievements :)

  20. peace says:

    Have a very happy birthday Meghan!

  21. Rachel says:

    Happy birthday! Your tricks for staying young are certainly working.

    If I had an ice cream maker I would try chocolate raspberry ice cream. I made some cashew-raspberry “frozen yogurt” last week and it was amazing – but I think it would be more amazing with cacao powder added in!

  22. Anita Alvarez says:

    Hands down — chocolate!

  23. Allison says:

    Happy Birthday!

    Pistachio. Legit Pistachio. Mmm.

  24. Betsy says:

    Happy Birthday Meghan!!! Have a fabulous day!

    My fav ice cream: mint chocolate chip!

  25. Nanda says:

    Happy birthday! I enjoy your blog very much.
    Well, I love corn ice cream.

  26. Amy B says:

    Happy birthday! So thankful you were born :)
    Vanilla is my favorite and the first I would make for sure!

  27. Jamie Langlois says:

    Happy Birthday Meghan!!! Hope you have a great one…..and you don’t look a day older than 27 :)
    My fav ice cream has been and will always be chocolate peanut butter…organic of course!

  28. ashleyd says:

    Happy happy birthday!! St. Lucia here we come indeed. On Saturday it was 3 months til we go and I was over the moon excited

    Fav ice cream — I had some brilliant vegan ice cream in NYC that involved ginger and I just about died. Also love the masala chai from Hibiscus in Kensington. I’d love an ice cream maker!! xo

  29. Alison Cooper says:

    Happiest of Happy Birthdays to You, Meghan! Enjoy your day!
    I love anything that tastes like butterscotch or maple – YUMMMM!
    Hugs to you on your special day!

  30. Marilene says:

    Happy Happy Birthday Meghan! Hoping this day is only the beginning of an entire year of good health, laughter and tons of adventure!
    And thank you for posting about dandelion “coffee”. Last week I whipped together one with dandelion root, cinnamon and chicory and it was DISGUSTING! I don’t know what I did wrong…but now I’ll try some dandy blend.
    My fave ice cream is roasted banana coconut with cacao nibs on top—yummm!
    Cheers Meghan–happy birthday again :)

  31. Patti says:

    Happy Birthday Meghan! Coconut based ice creams are my favorites! Yum, yum, yum! Oh sometimes I put chocolate chips on top!

  32. Shannon says:

    Happy Birthday Meghan!
    I love me some mint and chocolate, you made a great one for us in class once… so good! I’m so happy to see this reciepe because all my ice cream recipes have banana in them and I love me some banana but not in ice cream.

  33. Natalie says:

    Happy Birthday! I too am an October baby :) My favourite ice cream flavour has got to be birthday cake! I’m not sure what they use to flavour it, and it’s probably not very good for me, but it is my go-to flavour. I’m also a big fan of green tea and red bean (from my sushi adventures)!

  34. Jessica says:

    Fave ice cream flavor is coffee or mint choc chip haha can’t decide!

  35. Jessica says:

    I like you on twitter:)

  36. Ami @ parsnips and pears says:

    mint chocolate chip and heavenly hash were always my two fav ice cream favs… but I haven’t had either in YEARS since I can’t handle dairy anymore. I love coconut ice cream as a substitute for the real thing, but have yet to find one that matches those two as far as flavors.

  37. Ami @ parsnips and pears says:

    I also like you on facebook :)

  38. Ami @ parsnips and pears says:

    oh and happy birthday!!!

  39. Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty says:

    Happy Birthday Meghan!!

    My fav ice cream USED to be Rolo… soooo good!! Now I just love any ice cream I can eat! hehe :)

  40. Deb says:

    Happy Birthday!

    My favorite (that’s favourite it American!) flavor is vanilla. Yeah, pretty simple and basic, but so are all the best things in life!

    And, it’s my birthday too! I think there’s some ice cream making in my (very) near future!

    Here’s to the best day of the year,

  41. Hamilton Beach CAN (@HBCanadaNews) (@HBCanadaNews) says:

    Happy bday! RT @meghantelpner: It’s my birthday, we’re doing something crazy and fun with our friends @HBCanadaNews!

  42. Love In The Kitchen (@meghantelpner) (@meghantelpner) (@meghantelpner) (@meghantelpner) says:

    Look what we’re giving away! I love birthdays! Thank you @HBCanadaNews

  43. Jaime Almond says:

    My favourite ice cream is pumpkin! mmmm

  44. Raeanne says:

    Happy, happy birthday to you! I’m sure you’re having the most fabulous day. I’m a big fan of ice cream, but haven’t really had any in a long time, since I don’t want to eat dairy. I’ve been relying on blended frozen bananas, but I love the idea of an ice cream maker! My favourite flavour is vanilla. Nothing better than that pure vanilla flavour, with the little specs when you use the bean. Mmmmm.

  45. Jayme Holmes says:

    Happy Birthday Meghan!!! Don’t sweat the aging thing, each year is another gift to be enjoyed :-)

    My favorite ice cream would have to be cherry – chock full of yummy fresh cherries when in season!!

  46. Jill says:

    Happy Birthday !!
    There is no way I could ever pick just 1 flavor of ice cream ! The most interesting ones I’ve tried are lavender, and curry gelato but really ANY ice cream is good.

  47. Morag says:

    Happy birthday!
    I’m a purist, vanilla bean ice cream is my favourite! But a little chocolate sauce on top never hurts!

  48. Shannon Cottrell says:

    I have fallen in love with coconut pineapple (love Coconut Bliss!), with sliced strawberries thrown on top. It’s like sunshine or summer in a bowl : )

    …gosh if I had my very own ice cream maker I’d spend all my time in the kichen coming up with fun and creative flavours…

    Happy Birthday!

  49. Lois says:

    A very Happy Birthday to you, Meghan!!

  50. maya says:

    I’ve always loved heavenly hash! but if I’d make one I’d go all out with decadent fudgy chocolate chunks swirled in sunflower butter icecream, topped with chopped candied pecans.

  51. Jo says:

    HB Meghan.
    There are exceptions to the white food rule. Cauliflower, bananas, cashews, and almonds are all white.

  52. celestial says:

    happy birthday! thank you for the endless inspiration and for being a top noch role model for us younguns! i havent had anything similiar in years, but when I was a teenie bopper I loooved “moose tracks”ice cream, vanilla/caramelly base with mini pb cups embedded

  53. The Veggieator (@Veggieator) (@Veggieator) says:

    Happy Birthday To Me Ice Cream

  54. Jennifer says:

    My all time favourite ice cream flavour is green tea ice cream!
    Haven’t been able to find a dairy-free version since going vegan though :(

    p.s Happy Birthday have a great time celebrating!

  55. Shawna says:

    Happy Happy Birthday Meghan!
    Gosh this prize sounds pretty fabulous! I am LOVING chocolate fudge coconut ice cream. Such a yummy break from dairy. But chocolate mint and chocolate peanut butter will always be the favourite for the child in me. :)

  56. Elena says:

    Happy Birthday Meghan!

    I’m a vanilla ice cream gal – delicious on its own and a great complements to other sweets like chocolate brownies or apple crumble. I was hooked on cherry vanilla creamsicles this past summer. It would be such a delight to try the recipe in a Hamilton Beach ice cream maker!

  57. Christine says:

    My absolute favorite flavor is Mint Chocolate Chip, and I would love to try making a coconut milk based version of this is if had an ice cream maker!

    Happy Birthday Meghan!

  58. Becca says:

    I’ve always wanted to make ice cream from scratch (being dairy-free and all), but alas, no ice cream maker. I really want to try a cashew-based cream (like the one on your site) as well as a coconut milk version. Yum!

  59. Gustoso says:

    Triple chocolate made with raw chocolate chunks, cacao nibs and cacao powder made on almond milk. I’d add some real vanilla too.

  60. Audrey Marsolais says:

    Happy happy bday! My fave ice cream flavor is dark chocolate, simply :).

  61. Lauren @ says:

    Happy Birthday! My favorite flavor is cookie dough…or peanut butter dark chocolate. It’s a tie!

  62. Emily says:

    No doubt about it….

  63. janet @ the taste space says:

    Happy birthday to you~
    My favourite flavour would have to be mint chocolate chip!

  64. Nellie says:


  65. Laura says:

    Happy Birthday!
    I love coffee ice cream. I remember eating it with my dad when I was a kid. I would love to give this coffee substitute ice cream a whirl. Sounds fabulous. Thank you!

  66. Ellen says:

    My current fave is chocolate coconut, which I make in my Vitamix. But it would be totally awesome to be able to make it in an actual ice cream maker!

  67. Ellen says:

    I follow you on Twitter. (Happy birthday!)

  68. Ellen says:

    i follow Hamilton Beach Canada on twitter!

  69. Toby says:

    My fave is Marionberry Pie and since I no longer eat dairy I can’t eat Tillamook Ice cream. I’d love to make my own.

  70. Lisa Gilmore says:

    While I really enjoy green tea and coconut ice creams, my favourite ice cream flavour still has to be vanilla – made with real vanilla beans!!

  71. Lisa Gilmore says:

    I LIKE you on Facebook!!

  72. Lisa Gilmore says:

    I LIKE Hamilton Beach Canada in Facebook!!

  73. Shanna says:

    Follow on twitter and facebook. I haven’t had ice cream in over 2 years but my favorite was chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

  74. Jenny says:

    simple and delicious vanilla! I’m pretty pumped to get one of these. My dad is going through chemo, and was told to stop eating anything cold, so in January/February when he is finished round two I would love to make him ice cream!

  75. Tina says:

    Happy Birthday Meghan! Keep rockin’ the good life!

  76. Bernadette says:

    Can’t have just one flavor, chocolate with mango is best!

  77. Erin says:

    It’s a tie between coconut and mint chocolate chip. And raspberry. Mmmmm.

  78. Debbie says:

    Fav ice cream I think has to be double or triple chocolate. Homemade and dairy-free preferable.

  79. Candice says:

    Happy Birthday Meghan!

    I’m sure it was an amazing day filled with lots of healthy yumminess :)
    fav ice cream flavor is choco mint, hands down! Best flavor combo.

  80. Jen says:

    Lemon ice cream is my fave!

  81. Jen says:

    I love ya on Facebook.

  82. Jen says:

    I liked Hamilton Beach Canada on Facebook.

  83. Jody says:

    I love heavenly hash ice cream – I wish it loved me as much as I loved it!!

  84. Jess says:

    Awww Meghan, I have loved your blog for a while now. Love all the recipes, health tips and happiness that comes from you. Love that your so passionate about what your teaching as it so coincides with what I believe. I am studying to be a naturopath/ nutritionist/herbalist here in Perth Western Australia. But now I love you even more because WE HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I am always stoked finding some has the same birthday as me. But I am really proud that its you. Hope yours was awesome!!!

  85. Kristina says:

    Happy belated birthday Meghan! The ice cream looks amazing and I hope you had a wonderful birthday.

  86. Seanna Cohen (@SMcCohen) says:

    The real deal for #antiaging and its not a #miraclecream! Best tips from

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