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Coffee-Free Hazelnut Coffee Ice Cream


It's my birthday today. Oh me, oh my. As of today I am a whopping 32 years old. Yep. I always thought by the time I was 32 I'd be all grown up, with a grown up job, maybe running my own little biz, travelling the world, have a sweet man-panion by my side and enjoying other such lovely indulgences as coffee-like dairy-free ice cream, and hopefully not looking a day over 30... maybe even 28.

And by golly gee me, I think I have done it. The abundance is sweetness. And to celebrate my birthday, my besties over at Hamilton Beach Canada are helping me, help you celebrate. We're giving away an ice cream maker!

Let's first have a sit and chat about aging. Because I am working my hardest to stop the aging process from happening.

Given that I keep being told that I might just be aging in reverse (aside from this insane wiry gray hair that sticks straight up from the top of my head) I thought I'd offer my very, very, very best anti-aging tips, tricks and goodness.

Meghan's Top 10 UnDiet Tips To Prevent Looking Like An Old Worn Leather Handbag

  1. Never eat white food- that means white sugar, white bread, white potatoes or white (pink or brown) milk from a black and white cow.
  2. Booze is for booze worthy occasions only. That means a glass of wine 2-3 times a month.
  3. Sleeeeeeeeeep. All you have to do is lie down and do nothing for 8 hours. Do it. Love it. And keep it dark in your room.
  4. Buffered Vitamin C powder: Vitamin C keeps the skin elastically delicious and unwrinkled. Also helps us manage stress. I put it in everything from smoothies to salad dressings to dips.
  5. Get loads of sunshine! I do! Winter, spring, summer and fall. I am outside as much as I can be. Stay hidden during highest heat but I let that sunshine in!
  6. No toxins on this punum (that's Yidish for face). Never will I use a toxic cream, moisturizer, makeup, or suncreeen. 100% edible on my face or nothing at all.
  7. Muchas H20: Start every morning with two glasses of water- one with lemon and cayenne, and one straight up. Hydration keeps the cells from turning into prune-like wrinkled sacs.
  8. Eat what you need, not always what you want, most of the time. This means making every bite as superpowered dense with nutrition as possible- but still having fun on a night out to dinner with friends. Let's not be insane over this. The more nutrient packed your meals, the less you eat in the volume- the better for your bod!
  9. Laugh Often and Breathe Deep. Laughing lifts stress and the deeper and longer and slower you breathe the less you age. Just ask the 150 year old yogis over in India.
  10. Kick the caffeine! The surest way to get stressed out from the inside out, and dried up like a piece of burnt toast is to keep sucking back those coffees and sodas. Enough already.

Now, does this mean you have to stop eating your favourite coffee rum ice cream? No way. Wait, you don't yet have a favourite coffee/rum ice cream? Well you do now. And this babydoll of love is dairy, soy, gluten, sugar and coffee free! We do put a little rum in it but that's optional.

My secret weapon ingredient in this coffee heaven ice cream is Dandy Blend. I LOVE this stuff to bits. It contains dandelion root, which is amazing for toning the kidneys and detoxing the blood and liver, has over 50 trace minerals and is gluten-free.
There is no reason that we can't celebrate, and indulge and do it deliciously. So, a wonderful dairy-free ice cream recipe? This was my ultimate birthday treat.

 Coffee-Free Hazelnut Coffee-Free Ice Cream

  • 2 cups hazelnut milk
  • 1 cup cashew cream (blend 1/2 cup cashews with 1/2 cup water)
  • 2 Tbs-1/4 cup cup Dandy Blend (or coffee substitute of choice)
  • 2 Tbs raw cacao
  • 1/4 cup maple syrup
  • 2 Tbs rum (optional)
  • Blend hazelnut milk, cashew cream, Dandy Blend, raw cacao, maple syrup and optional rum until smooth.
  • Transfer to Hamilton Beach ice cream maker and let run for 30 minutes.
  • Option to freeze in individual ice cube trays, remove from tray and run through food processor to make creamy.

89 Responses to “Coffee-Free Hazelnut Coffee Ice Cream”

  1. Jen said…
    I love ya on Facebook.
  2. Jen said…
    I liked Hamilton Beach Canada on Facebook.
  3. Jody said…
    I love heavenly hash ice cream - I wish it loved me as much as I loved it!!
  4. Jess said…
    Awww Meghan, I have loved your blog for a while now. Love all the recipes, health tips and happiness that comes from you. Love that your so passionate about what your teaching as it so coincides with what I believe. I am studying to be a naturopath/ nutritionist/herbalist here in Perth Western Australia. But now I love you even more because WE HAVE THE SAME BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I am always stoked finding some has the same birthday as me. But I am really proud that its you. Hope yours was awesome!!!
  5. Kristina said…
    Happy belated birthday Meghan! The ice cream looks amazing and I hope you had a wonderful birthday.
  6. The real deal for #antiaging and its not a #miraclecream! Best tips from @meghantelpner
  7. gipaolita said…
    Love the tips! And dying to try the recipes!!!
  8. gipaolita said…
    And hope you had a wonderful birthday Meghan!!!!!

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