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A Marinade For Sunshine


Dr. Ha, my acupuncturist here in LA,  gave me, what my mom would call, 'a what for'. He told me I am sacrificing my health for the sake of trying to help everyone else. That is why I am here, to get myself back on track and to learn to say no, even if I may want to help and participate and be wherever I possibly can be all at the same time.

I followed up acupuncture with a brilliant yoga class with Bryan Kest, who gave me the same message in a gentler way, that sometimes it takes more strength to back off, to take it easy, than it does to push to your edge. I met with my meditation teacher this afternoon to have some questions answered and as the sun sets, I am off to yoga with Shiva Rea, another yoga rock star. I will be home and in bed before 9.  I clearly take taking it easy very seriously.

Someone telling me to take it easy and not work so much, sounds like a really fine and dandy idea but where do you start with that kind of advice? Well as I was drinking my cup of tea and contemplating this, I had the desire to turn on the TV and there was Wayne Dyer with the answer to my question. He said (and I am paraphrasing)  when we go to sleep at night, we spend our last five waking minutes going through our day. Most often, we spend that five minutes thinking about the crappy bits, the tough spots or the holy crappola that is coming for us tomorrow. We then go to sleep and marinade that shite in our subconscious for 8 hours ensuring that when we wake up, all the crap and bad habits we experienced the day before and all the crap and habits we need to battle will surely be meeting us that day.

The solution: For five minutes before bed, think of the great. Think of the abundance you want in your life, think of specifics, attach feelings to it.  The trick here is 1) it has to be doable and 2) it has to make sense.

Have you ever dreaded something so much, had it happen and then said, "I knew that would happen"? Use those powers for good instead of evil! You have heard it before but here is my pre-holiday-stress-time-reminder that our thoughts become our reality.

Recipe For Abundance
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 8 hours

- 1 mindful of positive thoughts
- 1 dollops of positive feelings
- 1 subconscious mind, relaxed
- Rest


  • Think positive thoughts for five minutes before bed, with feelings attached
  • Go to sleep
  • Marinade the subconscious mind for 8 hours (This is where the universe takes over in its wonderous mysterious ways and does its deliveries)
  • Reap the benefits.

Now the burning question, what does the above photo have to do with any of this? I took that photo from the airplane on my way here. At one point, I looked out my window,  enjoying the five hours where I could do absolutely nothing and low and behold, look what I received: A beautiful gift.

28 Responses to “A Marinade For Sunshine”

  1. d said…
    Your posts are a breath of "Sunshine" something we always have out here in sunny Cal (well almost)! Enjoy your getaway;)
  2. Amanda said…
    A well-timed blog. This is exactly my biggest issue - finding 5 minutes to stop and and just be. To aid my journey I have downloaded some meditation guides and music onto my ipod so I can use the 40 min train ride for something productive. I hope you enjoyed your relaxing time away. I feel a bit more relaxed just reading through your holiday blogs and looking at your pictures. xx

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