How To Make That Big Dream A Reality

How To Make That Big Dream A Reality

We have different names for it – you know, when amazingness lands in your lap. Some of us call it serendipity, others call it miracles, synchronicity, or the plain old coincidence. The list goes on, but the result is the same. We think of something, maybe dream of it, we hope and pray for it, and then feel a sense of amazement and awe when that thing seems to just manifest right before us.

Have you ever thought about a person and then within a day or two they call you, or we run into them somewhere? Have you ever uttered the words, “I was just thinking about you?” If you have, then you know what I’m talking about.

Our thoughts carry immense power. Our thoughts form the first drop of creation that propels us into action, which is ultimately what cultivates manifestation. This happens in part by our own efforts, and in part by putting that intention out there and letting a little universal magic wave its wand. But this isn’t actually magic. Not at all. It’s quantum physics and in books like Mind To Matter by Dawson Church (highly recommend), and Becoming Supernatural by Joe Dispenza, they explain in referenced detail how this works.

The tricky/scary/real bit of this is that we can use this power for good and for bad. We can use our thoughts, intentions, and heart-centred vibrational energy to bring more light, creativity, optimism, opportunity, and love into our lives. We can, by the same measure, through a mindset of lack and fear create a life with less than optimal outcomes.

If we give too much energy and thought to that fear, it is more likely to come to be. We’ve all experienced this, though most often we don’t recognize our own role in it. Often we think of it as good luck or bad luck. Personally, I don’t believe in luck.

we can play An active role in actualizing our most wild, powerful and great big dreams.

I have experienced this several times. The first time was when I healed from an incurable disease. At the time, I wasn’t consciously aware of what I was doing through daily yoga and meditation, surrounding myself with joyful people, reading books about healing, and connecting with other people who had healed as I was trying to do. I felt that in every cell of my being I would get well. Unfortunately, this isn’t a remedy that’s easy to bottle. It takes a mental commitment.

I am reminded of the potential to create what some might call magic every year as the Academy of Culinary Nutrition grows and grows. Now with a community that spans over 70 countries, I continue to operate knowing that everything I dream up is possible. This to me is amazing, as it began as a vision, an idea of something I wanted to give to the world.

These are two grand examples, but this happens every day on a much smaller scale. Sometimes I’ll be thinking about how I wish I knew of a great organic food delivery service, and then that day, I’ll get an email about a great organic food delivery service. I recently mentioned this gift box I loved and couldn’t remember the name of the company, and not a moment later, I open Instagram and there it is. And the number of times I have thought about someone and then see them later that day are too frequent to count. This also reminds me to also be extremely mindful of where I let my mind go, for where it goes energy flows.

With the right intention and openness, if you ask, you will receive. When you receive, you must give back, and the cycle will continue. Are you ready to start actualizing your own wild, wild dreams? One last thing – to make it happen, like to really make the big stuff happen, that dream is going to have to be big, urgent, and benefit more than just you. You also have to ensure you get out of the way to make space for it to happen.

Guidance For Actualizing Big Dreams

1. Be clear on what you want the most.
Make it specific. If you want the universe involved in the fulfillment of this desire, you need to focus not on what you want for yourself (i.e. buckets of money, new shoes) but on what you want to give, how you want to serve, and the gifts you want to share.

2. Break it down.
Break that want into steps. Take it out of the realm of manifestation in an ethereal sense, to what you actually need to do/create to make it happen. Just consider the first two or three steps and begin the process.

3. Experience the details
Get into the details and feel it in your bones, your cells, your mind’s eye. Envision this being real and true right now and experience how it feels inside. Connect those feelings with love, gratitude, joy, compassion, and other elevated positive emotions. This is part of connecting your dreams to you in this present moment. Aim to do this every day for at least ten minutes.

4. Get Out of The Way
Too often we get paralyzed by needing each step in the process to be perfect, and when the opportunity comes, we get in our own way. Stop. You’re simply finding ways to procrastinate. If you really, really, really want this, be ready for it and don’t stand in the way of your receiving. You deserve it.

5. Stay Focused.
Do not get attached to the outcome or goal, but rather use it as your driving force and see where your actions take you. Stay open to opportunity and possibility. If need be, repeat step 3. Optimally you’re already doing this daily, but add an extra practice when you feel yourself getting stuck, off track, or giving in to feelings of fear (or the negative words of someone near to you).

6. Be open to any and all potential outcomes.
You may end up far from where you expected to be but actually be in exactly the right spot.

7. Check your fear and the Negative Nellies that may creep into your world.
They don’t serve you, so let ’em go (and that might include your own thoughts, too). Seriously, if you allow messages of fear, no matter what form they come into your life to bring down your energy and take your eyes off the prize, you are jeopardizing your own greatest potential. I know this sounds dramatic but it’s true.

8. Be Ready For What Comes
Beyond being open, you also need to be ready to receive the results of your efforts. That may be assuming a risk, leaving someone behind, or receiving exactly the fulfillment, success and greatness that you have asked for. Know that you deserve it and the world needs you to receive it.

9. Watch it unfold and keep moving forward as things adapt and evolve.
Nothing is stagnant. Once you see your dreams begin to actualize, use that as momentum to continue creating with integrity and the best of intentions – always keeping that global, universal purpose in mind.

I continue to be delighted and enchanted by what this practice brings into my life. It’s not always easy – that’s for certain, but to me, what seems even harder is to approach everything I want to do, create and be in the world from a place of fear. One of the easiest ways to get started is to think about all the coincidences in your own life – those little moments that felt like a bit of magic. As you go through your day, begin noticing them as they unfold and write them down, too. I call this being a magic detective (cheeseballs, I know), but it works. The reason it works is because the more often you can do this, the more regularly you’ll notice it happening and the greater your confidence will grow in the process.

Everything you dream up is possible.

Actualizing Big Dreams


  1. Hi Meghan,
    I really enjoyed your post this morning! I’m always interested in hearing about the power of intention. Another tip: work hard and stay focused!!! :)

  2. Thanks so much for this! I just finished school to become a holistic nutritionist and am trying to figure out what comes next. The idea of starting my own business is quite overwhelming and this is very helpful! I’ll be keeping it close

  3. You make it sound so easy! (Which is a good thing.) I struggle with feeling like I can achieve my goals and am a definite procrastinator! I think I will get a notebook and start making some lists at least! Hopefully that will help me to work out what exactly my dreams are for a start. Thanks for being inspirational as always Meghan!

  4. Hi Meghan,

    As always, another awesome and timely post.

    Taking small steps, staying focussed and letting go of the need to know the “how” of something before I start are the practices that have significantly revolutionized how I live my inspired life.

    The small steps keep things from getting overwhelming while satisfying my Type A control patterns. The focus calms my mind and let’s my soul take the reins. Letting go of “how” allows me to practice surrender — I declare my dreams to the universe and allow myself to relax into the unfolding.

    I’m also starting to practice creation before consumption, so my own dreams don’t take a backseat to all of the amazing content others are putting out into the world. After all, leaders are creators, and I intend to lead.

    So much love,


  5. I started reading about the law of attraction and theories similar to what Meghan posted above in 2002. My life and health was a complete mess. In the last 14 years my life has changed so much for the better it makes my head spin, and I credit it to me taking the above approach.

  6. Meghan I started your programme in 2014, for personal reasons. Since then, I realize it is taking on a new life of it’s own. My focus has shifted from a personal one to family, and my dream is now to make sure my family is on a path to wellness through awareness of healthy eating – and they are totally on board! I also have to tell you that a very close friend has embraced your book and has shared it with a relative who is 11 years old! Please know your work is benefiting so many people! I will be staying with my bff for 1 week next month, and will be making your meals the entire week! I will be arriving at her home with grocery bags in hand! My wildest dream is that she becomes the healthy person she so deserves to be! Thankyou for all your work!

  7. This is so great! I need this now. I’ve been struggling (who isn’t? hah!), and I assume that I’m not succeeding at my blog because I have the worst luck, but actually, I think my efforts have been misguided and misdirected, like I dwell and work hard on things that need my attention, but perhaps they should not have taken ALL my attention. So I’m trying to refocus and branch out now so that I don’t neglect other important aspects of being a blogger besides the content itself.
    As a blogger, I also repeatedly ask the question “why are people reading my words? why are they subscribing? what am I giving my readers?” and I think these are pivotal questions if you want to move forward as a blogger. Of course, you can only create amazing things if you are absolutely passionate. That is key. But I think also, it’s about what your loyal readers need, especially those that trust you with their email addresses and take the time to leave comments. It’s about giving them a great experience, or a useful tool…
    Have you read Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert? I’m reading it now, and sometimes it makes me cry because she talks about all the obstacles we put in front of ourselves that prevent us from creating. It’s really quite incredible the way she expresses that. And she repeatedly brings up that “done is better than perfect and is also better than good” because if we strive for perfect, we may never finish our creations, and then, we’ve basically accomplished very little…

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