Living Beauty: 10 Facts Your Dentist Forgot To Tell You, Part 1

 Written by Nadine Artemis.

Like most of us, you probably learned to brush and floss your teeth as a child. The truth is, brushing and flossing isn’t enough. And we have got the cavities, crowns, root canals, and missing teeth to prove it.

Scientific advances have increased our knowledge about our teeth and our health, enabling us to take charge of our teeth in ways we never dreamed about. Learn about surprising facts that have been uncovered in “What Your Dentist Forgot to Mention.” These top ten facts will inform you.

Fact #1: Your teeth are alive and capable of healing themselves from early cavity damage.

When bacteria are removed, and our diet improved, the cavity can be halted. Let us compare a brown spot on our tooth to a cut. When we cut ourselves, we clean the wound. We should regard cavities like open wounds; they are a symptom of infection, not something to fill with foreign substances. We need to perceive the inside of our mouth as a whole, living organ, a living ecological system that can be nourished, strengthened, and regenerated.

Fact #2: Our saliva contains enzymes to take care of our teeth.
When teeth are well lubricated in healthy saliva, the saliva can heal decay — and even prevent it.
What is saliva? It is a saline solution of enzymes, peptides, minerals, and bicarbonate. It can re-mineralize or de-mineralize teeth and should not be too acid or alkaline. If it is too acid, it dissolves teeth enamel, creates a healthy environment for bacteria, and leads to sensitive teeth. On the other hand, if saliva is too alkaline, it excretes calcium and can create calculus buildup on the teeth.

Saliva is one of the superheroes of our mouths, yet it has to be able to do its job effectively. You can help by keeping hydrated with spring water during the day.

Fact #3: Bleeding gums can often be remedied, sometimes in 24 to 48 hours.
Gums are easy to heal with dedication and a few minor daily changes. Gums are like turtleneck sweaters to our teeth. If they turn into crew necks, bacteria can get to the teeth and cause trouble. It is wise to take care of our gums whenever there are problems. Usually the gums get in trouble before the teeth.

Fact #4: Bleaching your teeth is less than recommended!
Whiteness should come from within. Your teeth should actually be radiating the whiteness of their dentin beneath the enamel. Polishing your teeth is a good way to remove biofilm and colors from foods.

Fact #5: Toothpaste has chemicals you would not want in your mouth, or your body!
Although we were all raised with a toothbrush and toothpaste, just stroking your teeth with a toothbrush and rinsing will remove more bacteria and plaque than using a brush with regular toothpaste. Baking soda is less abrasive to enamel than toothpaste.

Keep up with us! Next Thursday we have more with Nadine for Part II and 5 more surprising facts about oral care.

Question Of The Day: How do you keep your teeth their best and brightest?

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  1. Great post and tips!

    Thank goodness I avoided cavities and such despite eating terribly as a youngster (chips, pop, and chocolate bars daily! Scary stuff). I choose foods to help keep my teeth strong (they need resistance exercise) and ditched the conventional toothpastes. I like the ginger toothpaste by Desert Essence. In my culture, we use neem and also neem twigs as toothbrushes and also chew on bones from meat based dishes to keep the teeth strong.

  2. Interesting article!
    Since going dairy free, I have noticed that my teeth aren’t as healthy – I seem to get cavities more often? Plus I have started eating healthier since being dairy free so I’m confused?!

  3. I use Tooth Soap ( which heals cavities, rebuilds the minerals and doesn’t contain fluoride or any of the other crap that even some of the natural toothpastes use. Great stuff.

  4. What daily changes can be made to remedy bleeding gums? Also, any tips on plaque removal without those annoying cleanings at the dentist?

  5. Question re Oil Pulling – something i’m curious to try – any thoughts? I have used Green Beaver toothpaste for years…but recently saw the recipe for my homemade deodorant used as a toothpaste and tried it – works great for in betweens :)

  6. Love these pointers. Thanks! Here’s another one that keeps your teeth white:
    After you eat/drink always rinse your mouth with water.

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