My Favourite Living Libations Essential Oil Products

Meghan's favourite essential oils

If you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you know that I am a super fan of Living Libations. Nadine and Ron, who are the incredible people behind Living Libations, live and work in Canada’s paradise of Haliburton, just on the edge of Algonquin Provincial Park. We’ve known each other since my now husband (then friend!) attended an event on their land back in 2009 and I am proud to call them my friends. I continue to be amazed by what they have created.

Whenever anyone asks me to recommend essential oils or healthy gift ideas, I always recommend their products as they are what I personally use all the time, and I love them to bits. That photo below is of my ‘medicine’ cabinet in my bathroom. My husband is always asking me if I really need all of those things in there. I suppose this is where my minimalism fails. ????????‍♀️

Meghan's Living Libations products

I appreciate and value your trust in what I trust. For this reason, I am extremely mindful of anything I recommend. None of us want to be fooled by the labels or fall victim to healthwashing claims.

The quality of their beauty care products is as great as it gets. If you don’t love a lot of smells, they may not be for you, but if you do and appreciate quality and purity in your essential oils, they’re worth giving a try.

Living libations are top quality

I have been researching essential oils for years. I had long been suspicious of the $10 bottles you find in health food stores. When more and more brands started popping up, I began to wonder about the price variance and quality. If you’re at all curious about this important aspect of oils, I have written in-depth about how to know if your essential oils are top quality in this article.

After taking the deep dive, I can confidently say that I trust Living Libations. Over the years, I have also become very good friends with the family behind this truly one-of-a-kind company. They live in the town of Haliburton, where I spend as much of my summers as possible, and last year they celebrated the grand opening of their headquarters, located in the forest and recognized as a leading example of a passive commercial building in Canada (if you’re into structural building stuff, you can read more here).

If I am going to use a product on my skin, in my hair, in my mouth (their dental products are amazing), on my child and cheerlead for them, I have to have 100% confidence that they are everything that they say they are and more. And Living Libations is.

my top 9 favourite living libations products

Without further ado, and to answer collectively in one place all the emails and DMs I have received for my recommendations, here are my favourite products (in no particular order) we have used in our house most often and for the longest.

If you feel inspired to try anything, use this link for 15% off your order (discount applied at checkout). 

All over

Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever – All-over moisturizer (hands, face, body) for everyone including my son post-bath and as a make-up remover.


Seabuckthorn Shampoo and Shine-On Conditioner – We buy this in the largest size and it lasts us about a year. It smells amazing but doesn’t have a lingering strong smell. The conditioner detangles and moisturizes, and washing my hair continues to feel like a spa experience. I also enjoy this conditioning mask as a leave-in conditioner/ anti-frizz for my curly hair.

Hands + Face

Hooray Hand Cream – I use this thick cream on my hands, and my husband uses it on his hands and face post-shave.


Zen Shave – I use this on my pits and legs, and my husband uses it on his face (whenever we can share a product, the better!). It’s moisturizing and has a beautiful and deep gender-neutral fragrance that settles in very subtly.

FaceMeghan's Favourite Living Libations Essential Oil ProductsRose Glow Face Serum and/or Rose Glow Cream – I typically use the cream in the morning after the shower when my skin feels dryer and I use the serum in the evening before bed because my make-up artist suggested I use a serum. I love the smell and feel of rose on my skin so these work great for me. If you’re not into rose, you should check out the other skin care options. There are a lot.


Happy Gum Drops and Wild Child Gum Drops – Happy mouths all around! I use Happy Gum Drops on my toothbrush for brushing and on my floss to get between the teeth. We get the Wild Child option for our son which is slightly less strong tasting.

Sun care

Everybody Loves The Sunshine and Everybody Loves The Sunshine with Zinc – We use the zinc one when we are going to be exposed under high-heat sun and covering up isn’t an option. And we use the regular one without the zinc early morning, later afternoon and as an after-sun moisturizer to help the skin repair. The smell of these is pure vacation mode for us. (And you can read more on the health benefits of the sun, if you like, here.)


All the Trees Please! Tree-based essential oils are my absolute favourite for diffusing. My go-to tree oils are Balsam Fir and Black Spruce. There is nothing quite like forest bathing at home in the winter (and I write about that here).


You know I despise chemical fragrances but the Living Libations fragrances are in a league of their own. Josh is a fan of the Forest Cologne and I have been a long-time wearer of Night Flight To Venus but this perfume pocket set lets you try a few and I have!

favourite oils for cooking and elixirs

Meghan's Favourite Living Libations Essential Oil Products

Nadine’s oils are pure and synthetic-free with third party assays available. And I love that many of them are good enough to eat, if you are looking for food-grade oils to use in recipes (hello, mint chocolates or lemon poppyseed muffins).

Scents are a personal thing, but these are some of my favourite Living Libations Essential Oils to use in cooking and elixirs:

It only makes sense to use quality, minimally processed nutrients in effective concentrations to improve our health externally as we would internally. A bonus to this holistic view of beauty care is that it not only improves our own health but also our environment.

Whether it be our food, our cosmetics, or our cleaning products, consider the source of the ingredients you use and aim to support local, organic and sustainable growing principles and/or the businesses that support them. This is what drives my buying decisions, and I hope this has given you some inspiration for healthy gift ideas and conscious gift-giving.

*This post contains affiliate links.

9 favourite living libations products


  1. I am also a big fan of Living Libations products. I have found their essential oils to be the absolute best quality. I also love the Seabuckthorn oil and the Soothsayer Serum (amongst many products that I have, including the Happy Gum drops and the shampoo/conditioner). I’d love to visit their headquarters someday.

  2. Wonderful site. I just placed an order with Living Libations, thanks for the discount code. I also cant wait to try a few of the natural recipes.

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