My Ultimate Home Spa: Rituals and Product Reco

Home Spa

Anyone else locking themselves in the bathroom for 2–60 minutes at a time and pretending it’s a spa?  As I daydream of warmer climates and a spa indulgence with girlfriends, I have turned to creating the ultimate home spa. This isn’t actually a new deal. As I became more and more aware of the products being used, and also now hands full with a child, I was motivated to find ways to create a bit of a spa experience at home for those times I’m able to carve out 30 to 60 minutes for myself.

If you’ve been following me for any length of time, you know that I am a super fan of Living Libations. The quality of their beauty care products is as great as it gets. If you don’t love a lot of smells, they may not be for you, but if you do and appreciate quality and purity in your essential oils, they’re worth giving a try. I am someone who is quite sensitive to scents, but I find their products very gentle – and the smells don’t cling to surfaces and the air for hours on end!

For me, it’s not a home spa without Living Libations.

Below I have outlined my favourite Libations products that lend a home spa vibe to the whole routine. And this isn’t a shopping list! Using one or two of these gems will help! They make great gifts and include the very best face mask, hair oil, and more to use!

And so, without further ado, here is my list of fave home-spa and self-care products.*

If you feel inspired to try anything, use this link for 15% off your order (discount applied at checkout). 

What’s The Problem with Home Spa Products?

Our skin is our largest organ and what we apply to it gets absorbed through the skin and into our bloodstream.

Research shows that the average woman uses 12 beauty care products with 168 chemical ingredients daily, while men use 6 products that contain about 85 ingredients.

Consider, if you are creating a home spa experience, that you may use:

  • essential oils
  • bath salts or bombs
  • bubble bath
  • moisturizer
  • facial mask
  • facial toner

That’s a half-dozen products over the course of an hour or two! The common ingredients in beauty products are considered safe in small amounts. But our exposure is never small, and eventually, that adds up.

THE home spa vibes: where to start

Home spa

Before you do anything, set the tone to kick back and relax with these:

Pop your fave tunes on (I tend to go with some Snatam Kaur on for kirtan/yoga/spa music vibes and give the room a spray with Sacred Smudge OR get your essential oil diffuser plugged in and try:


I think of the home spa experience as being a few stages and it all depends on timing. I aim to use my calm in the chaos strategies and if time permits, before I start on any topical body care, I try to do some mental calming with either meditation or at least a 20-minute yoga flow or stretch. Mobile phones and screens are not welcome in any part of this process. Fiction reading only.



Get your circulation and lymph moving with a full body brushing (here is my guide to body brushing). I love adding a few drops of eucalyptus or the Verve Tonic to my brush for extra stimulation and circulation (and aromatherapy!).

Head + Hair

We have a few options here when it comes to nourishing the head and hair.

  • I love a scalp massage with this scalp tonic. It’s soothing and cooling and leaves my head a little tingly. If you’re prone to any scalp issues, this tonic is great (also helped me clear up my son’s cradle cap when he was a wee bairn).
  • For a hair treatment, I’ll often alternate between the crowning glory hair oil and the deeply conditioning hair mask (which doubles for me as a leave-in anti-frizz). Wrap your hair in a towel or old t-shirt and move on to the face.

Grace That Face

Get the skin of your face ready to receive some nourishment with a gentle massage, followed with a gentle skin brushing with a facial brush (I have this and use it every day before bed).

Then gently spread on your preferred face mask. I love Royal Rose Honey Mask, but I know not everyone is into a rose scent. The Frankincense Honey Mask is also excellent and so nourishing.

Now max and relax while the scalp/hair treatment and face treatment settle in. If you’re planning a bath, now would be a great time to get it running.


Hot Springs

Option A: Imagine yourself in the above hot spring in the California desert.

Option B: Shower

A real home spa for me typically includes a long bath (aka more than 10 minutes). When this isn’t an option, I create a micro spa moment with just the royal rose face mask and ginger exfoliating scrub in the shower.

Option C: Bathing Beauty

A bath is where the magic happens (and remember what I said about no screens). Run your bath and scoop in one to two cups of Epsom salts and a hearty dose of your favourite essential oils (I often go for Eucalyptus or a blend like Love Wine or Moontime Majesty). And. Then. Just. Soak!


Meghan's Living Libations products

As we emerge from the waters (sounds so much better than after you get out of the bath or shower), it’s time for the final stage of delights – setting your intentions and your skin for the rest of the day or a good night’s sleep.

This is when I gently massage my face with a serum: Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever (which I use for all over the body and as a make-up remover), Rose Glow Serum, or to really take it to the next level, try Royal Rose CoQ10 Serum.

My newest addition is taking 15 minutes to deeply set it in with a hydrating silicone sheet mask (and this also keeps everyone in the house away from me because I look absolutely terrifying in it).

I use Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever on the rest of my body, put on a robe, and see how long I can hide out.

Of course, you might also be in a place where a drop of essential oil on your wrist or pillow before bed is as much spa as you can take on – that counts, too! Every effort for self-care counts.

As far as my own home spa routine goes, clearly, my experiment in minimalism hasn’t yet extended to my Living Libations habit.

If you have any specific product, ingredient, or sourcing questions, or if you’re wondering if there are stores near where you live that carry the products, it’s best to direct those questions to the Living Libations team through their website.

Enjoy playing with your home spa! This process is supposed to be fun and enjoyable – so make it your own.

* This post contains affiliate links

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  1. I love Living Libations too. I have a growing collection. My favourites are the Rose Best Skin Ever and the Crowning Glory hair treatment. I also have many essential oils from that company, and the quality is unbelievable. Definitely feels like a mini spa experience when I use them.

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