Looking Ahead: A New Way Of Being

Looking Ahead

I had originally planned to do an update on this post on forgetting resolutions and setting intentions. If you’re in the headspace for that, by all means, hop on over and enjoy. Reading it now, however, I don’t feel like it’s enough. We are in a position right now to choose a better outcome for our world.

The reason I felt that my old post about intentions fell short was because I don’t believe setting intentions is strong enough right now. I have long been frustrated by the lack of ability within the health care system to work from a place of health. They are swamped trying to keep up with diseases.

It’s almost as if a pause button needs to be set, wound back 100 years, and we choose to move ahead on a different path altogether. Imagine a health care system that focuses on unbiased education and prevention? Imagine a health care system that promotes prevention, not through testing and detection of disease, but through diet and lifestyle efforts that result in no disease at all. Crazy, right?

What about a social care network that ensures people and communities can access what they need in order to support essential nutrition, physical, and mental health? Imagine if funding went to solving issues at the source with root cause solutions instead of always going towards haphazard place holder repairs.

Imagine if optimal health was the norm and it was common for all of us to move through adulthood without an increasing number of aches, pains, and ailments.

Imagine if we could ensure this for our children. Alas, that is not where we are today, is it?

What if, and this requires us to stretch our visions into the future a hundred years, we are at the tipping point of a new paradigm? What if the dominant system of the last 100 years was in its final years, or even months? What if the model of the last 100 years that is decimating our planet, building more chemical-based weapons, and filling our food supply, our personal care products, and, in turn, our bodies to the brim with known human toxins was nearing its end?

What if the events of this past year shone the brightest light possible onto all the cracks of a system that cannot support the illnesses that it has created? What if we are now facing both the breaking point, and the turning point?

This is where we are, so where do we go from here?

How do we shift the conversation away from a bandaid for every issue and ill and instead look to avoid the wound from getting so deep and wide, so infected and so dangerous? How do we communicate with those who make the decisions that we want to help? I want to help.

Like everyone, I want to see this end and move from being in the here and now to a part of our past.

Perhaps we can allow this to be a chapter of great learning for humanity, a final lesson that we cannot and should not try to dominate Mother Nature and the microbes that inhabit our planet, and instead learn to work with what is delivered to us.

We need to find sustainable ways for all of us on the planet to be strengthened from the root of our health –  mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing. We need to start with the earth that supports us. Rather than fight the microbes in the dirt where we are currently attempting to grow nutrient-deficient, chemical-laden food, we need to nourish the soil.

We need to get back to our source and remember that we are created as part of Mother Nature.

It can be difficult to comment on, assess, or analyze stressful events while they’re still happening, and I do feel like we are all in it. Deep in it. Some of us have most certainly felt the impact in greater ways than others, but we’ve all been experiencing a heightened level of stress for an extended period of time.

Right now it’s all feeling like one massive navigation, and I have the absolute worst sense of direction.

In the moment of acute challenges, it can be especially difficult to reframe, refocus, take those deep breaths and elevate above the chaos. I know that I don’t always do this very well. Because of that, because I can easily allow myself to be weightlessly carried by the tide of anxiety, I have double-downed on doing the work.

I have focussed my efforts on breathing deeply and getting to know the potential of my mind and my brain.

There’s a major root cause problem out in the world that I alone cannot change. Our collective health is in deep trouble and it takes a dramatic amount of effort and resources to achieve optimal health in this day and age. We are constantly working against the messages and conveniences, and sometimes the people who surround us. You of course know this, which is likely how you ended up in this community – seeking information to make going against that tide a little easier.

What I can do is keep breathing. Deep, deep breaths and, where possible, find a little humour. I can control (or work on) where I allow my mind to take me.

All we can control in any circumstance is our response and our actions.

I have committed to taking responsible action. Unless we speak up for the greater good (and for those who can’t) with strategies that are sustainable long term and serve to elevate and support health and wellbeing from a root cause, and whole life perspective, we will just be back here again and again.

The way I see it, we’re at a fork in the road and we get to choose where we want this to go. Trusting (hoping/praying/up all night wishing on stars/writing letters to politicians) that we will make the right choices helps with that staying calm and breathing bit.

I have hope. I have hope that no matter where anyone stands right now on the plethora of contentious topics, no one wants to be standing here a year from now. So now it’s up to us.

Which way are we going to go? We get to choose. Get quiet. Think. Dig in and find the answers yourself. That feeling deep down in your gut. Trust that. It’s right. It always is. We just get too busy, we let our lives get too noisy, and as a result, we forget how to listen to what we already know. What we’ve always known.

On My Mind Episode 9: Looking Ahead: A New Way of Being

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    1. Thank you Meghan for this important message. I’ve been one of your followers and constant learners since 2008, when my daughter’s naturopath figured out that she is gluten sensitive. I’ve read your articles, taken almost all your courses, cleaned out and refurbished my kitchen foodstuffs, went on the retreat you and Josh held in Costa Rica many years ago, and as a result, at the age of 74, I can say that I’m in the best health of my life.
      Your dedication and commitment to helping people learn how to improve their lives is inspiring and so motivating. Watching your video clips of you, Josh and Findlay exercising for the past three years opened the door to me finally sticking to regular exercise. Yay Obé!
      Thank you for all the fun, love, inspiration and excellent information. I wish you all the best in the coming year. Big hugs!!!!!

    2. Love this post! Well written and thought out.

      The question in my mind is: how to get closed minded individuals to become more open minded, to see that there is a different way of thinking? That buying the cheap food and cleaning products is not the only option. That taking more and more prescriptions is not always the best answer. That there really is a plastics problem in our world.

      I guess you keep plugging away with a message of hope and offering a different way of being, and maybe, someday, some way, it will crack those close minded folks to open up…just a little, letting a glimpse of a better way of life inside.
      Here’s to a hopeful and better 2021!

    3. It’s as if 2020 was the year that shined a bright light on everything that isn’t working – in the world and personally – at least for me. I can only hope that we go forward with a commitment to overhaul the infrastructure so we’re on a better footing in the years ahead.

    4. Well said, Meghan, we are on the same wave length. I feel the same way. I think we just need to continue to write, post and reach out to more people who are blinded by junk science and media brainwash.

    5. Thank you so much for your messages filled with valuable perspective and hope. I feel grateful to hear from you.

    6. Much love to you Meghan. We all have a truth within ourselves that can only be heard when we quiet our lives and listen. Thank you for your courage to speak yours. Old systems and programs are taking their last breath. Yet there is nothing to fear as there is beauty in this breakdown.
      Deep breaths, deeeep breaths.

    7. Love the thoughts and ideas you have shared in this post.
      You may like to read a wonderful book that provides a clear way forward. It is by economist Kate Raworth and is titled Doughnut Economics.
      For a quick intro search for her TED talks. The one from 2014 is particularly good as it provides some insight into her journey and frustration with the current economic model that does not place any emphasis on humanity Thriving independent of economic growth cycles.
      Hope you enjoy it, I’d love to see you write an article about your thoughts on the book and what is happening via the Doughnut Economics Action Lab which is an open source platform to grow Doughnut Economics :-)

    8. Yes, listening to what we already know, beginning to trust our own intuition is something that has been the greatest (and still learning) lesson for me this year. I think the only way we can all move forward is by trusting ourselves that we can have the most significant change in our own health. Not through a pill, needle or anyones elses hands but our own. If that means learning some new cooking skills, food choices, and ways of thinking, I say, so be IT, and happy learning
      Love the info you put out Meghan

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