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Ditch Plan B and Start Living The A-Plan


It's the shiny and fresh new year, and I know we're over resolutions. That's so 2014. Most of us, however do have that thing we really want to do more than anything else. You know that one goal, idea, or dream that you really, really want? I call that the A-Plan. Here's what's super awesome about the A-Plan. See- the A-Plan isn't just about what you really, really want to do. Usually- that A-Plan is what your community and the great wide world really need you to be doing. The A-Plan is awesome.

What is the difference between those of us that pursue the A-Plan and those that will settle for Plan B?

Why does the big dream happen for some and not for others?

Are the dreamers who make it happen just lucky?

Most people succeed because they're committed to making their dreams happen. They want more than anything, for what they're creating to work. It's not that Plan B isn't an option. They don't have a Plan B. This applies to anything - business, fitness, health, parenting, writing - it's all art and we all want our art to matter. And it does matter.

The people we look at and think are awesome, are awesome for one very simple reason: They didn't quit. They couldn't.

dream quote Oscar Wilde

It's Time To Ditch Plan B and Rock That A-Plan

You are the only person that can guarantee your own success.

When we ditch Plan B, we are choosing to ditch the safety net. We are ready to brave that unknown place. We are ready to dive deep, hold our breaths and literally- sink or swim. Chasing your dreams can be the scariest ride in the whole world, but it's also the most awakening, authentic, alive and awesome we'll ever feel.

Those of us who are making our dreams happen have one thing in common - and it's not luck. We don't have that Plan B.

It's a lot of work... but it's not hard.

Hard work for me was waking up at 4:30 in the morning to go to the gym, dressing so I 'fit in', spending the day having my soul and spirit vacuumed out of me, doing my best to be awesome at a job I hated, working for people who did not deserve anyone's best efforts, and coming home at the end of the day feeling completely deflated. That is hard work - the kind of hard work that doesn't leave any energy left over to even consider making any kind of dreams happen. You might quickly become too tired to even continue dreaming.

It's the kind of hard work that makes us sick. A life without inspiration, without a fulfilled purpose, is a hard way to live. No amount of financial security can make that go away. You can't experience true optimal health without passion, purpose and inspiration.

And yet, we let ourselves fall into this way of living because somehow, in the moment, it seems safer and easier than attempting the A-Plan. It's not.

A-Plan Infographic Meghan Telpner

The A-Plan as the only option.

I create new A-Plans every single day. I think of what I want to do next, who I want to do it with and then get straight to putting the steps in place to actually make it happen. If the plan fails I just create another A-Plan: a new direction and a new challenge based on where my ideas and inspiration direct me. If all else fails, I fail too. Given that the only Plan B I could think of would be to get a job as a matchmaker, it's safe to say, I don't really have a Plan B.

What's Your A-Plan?

It's all up to you now. What do you want your A-Plan to be this year? What do you want to aspire to create, to do and to be in order to live a life of passion, purpose, intention and ultimately- total health and happiness? How are you going to give in a way that makes the world more awesome? And what are you ready to receive as a direct response to the art you are creating?

Get Your A-Plan On.
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2 Responses to “Ditch Plan B and Start Living The A-Plan”

  1. Cynthia said…
    Dear Meghan, I have read this post in the past but today it finds me at a fork in the road professionally. I don't know what decision I am going to make but I can't help but being simultaneously inspired by your words and wanting to choose a certain path, and then getting that voice in my head reminding me that the path that leads me to a role I am passionate about also conflicts with my role as a mom. You see it would geographically take me at a very far commuting distance from my very young kids a few days a week, and that is a very scary thought - logistically if something were to happen where my kids needed me, it would take hours before I could reach them. But it would help me return to work that makes me a happier person, rather than the work that I do right now, where I feel like my brain cells are dying on the daily, lol. Somehow my putting this in the universe makes me hope I will find answers and finally make a decision :) But yeah, I couldn't help but add the 'kid' factor and see what your thoughts are - thank you Meghan :)
    • Meghan Telpner said…
      Hi Cynthia, Thanks for sharing. I am not a parent, but I do like to be close to home. You don't mention how old your kids are, but I wonder if the piece of mind you get from being within easy reach might be more important at this point. What I know for sure is that opportunities are never lost. They may change and they may be different but I think you may want to consider the bigger picture of your life at this time, what being away and that commute might mean to your family. Of course, this may all be less important if you have a partner that is accessible should something that is urgent come up. Sometimes its about looking at our overall quality of life and finding the total balance.

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