Inspiration to Take the Leap and Ditch Plan B

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Many of us have that thing we really want to do more than anything else. You know that one goal, idea or dream that we really, really want. Have you got yours in mind, even as you read this?

I call that the A-Plan. In the last several years, we’ve all pondered where we’re headed, and what the future holds. We’ve shifted and pivoted in ways we never imagined, and the A-Plan, that big dream you have for the life you want to live, has perhaps been illuminated for you.

Here’s what’s extra special about the A-Plan and what that voice in your head won’t tell you: it isn’t just about what you really, really want to do. Usually, that A-Plan is what your community and the great wide world really need you to be doing. The A-Plan is big, urgent and important. In case you need it, here is permission to explore the what if. What if you could make this happen?

What is the difference between those of us who pursue the A-Plan and those who go down the safe zone, skip over it and go straight to Plan B? Why does the big dream happen for some and not for others?

Are the dreamers who make it happen just lucky?

After over 13 years in business, what I know – more than anything – is that the journey is never a straight line. There are zigs and zags, ups and downs. Since I’ve been an entrepreneur, when something doesn’t work, I try hundreds, if not thousands, of other ideas. I keep going.

People succeed because they’re committed to making their dreams happen. There is no fallback. They want more than anything for what they’re creating to work. This applies to anything – business, fitness, health, parenting, cooking, writing. It’s all art and we all want our art to matter. And it does matter.

The people we look at and think are inspirational, are inspirational for one very simple reason: They didn’t quit. They couldn’t

They either don’t have a Plan B, or they transform Plans B, C, D, E, F, and so on so they all spin back towards Plan A.

Ditch Plan B and Start Living The A-Plan


During the last 18 months, I’ve spent a lot of time reviewing, learning and re-evaluating:

If you are part of my email community, you may have seen me talking about my new program opening this month, with a January 2022 start date. More will be coming on the blog about this in the weeks to come, but essentially this program is the culmination of the deep, internal work that I have been doing my entire adult life – work that I am excited to share with you very soon.

The six-month program is about how we can all be catalysts for positive change in the world – and how we can all uplift one another. With everything going on in the world, I want to encourage connection and positive growth.

When we relinquish Plan B, we are choosing to ditch the safety net. We are ready to brave that unknown place. We are ready to dive deep, hold our breaths and sink or swim. Chasing your dreams can be the scariest ride in the whole world, but it’s also the most awakening, authentic, alive and awesome we’ll ever feel.

Those of us who are making our dreams happen have one thing in common – and it’s not luck. We don’t have that Plan B.

ditching plan b is a lot of work… but it’s not hard.

Hard work for me was waking up at 4:30 in the morning to go to the gym, dressing so I ‘fit in’, spending the day having my soul and spirit vacuumed out of me, doing my best to be awesome at a job I hated, working for people who did not deserve my best efforts, complying with policies that misaligned with my values, and shutting down at the end of the day feeling completely deflated. That is hard work – the kind of hard work that doesn’t leave any energy left over to even consider making any kind of dreams happen. You might quickly become too tired to even continue dreaming.

It’s the kind of hard work that makes us sick. A life without inspiration, without a fulfilled purpose, is a hard way to live. No amount of financial security can make that go away. You can’t experience true optimal health without passion, purpose and inspiration.

And yet, we let ourselves fall into this way of living because somehow, in the moment, it seems safer and easier than attempting the A-Plan. It’s not.

The A-Plan as the only option

I create new A-Plans every single day. I think of what I want to do next, who I want to do it with and then get straight to putting the steps in place to make it happen. If the plan fails I just create another A-Plan: a new direction and a new challenge based on where my ideas and inspiration direct me. I keep going. Because given that the only Plan B I could think of would be to get a job as a matchmaker, it’s safe to say, I don’t really have a Plan B.

What’s Your A-Plan?

It’s all up to you now. What do you want your A-Plan to be in the coming months, or the next year? What do you want to aspire to create, to do and to be in order to live a life of passion, purpose, intention and ultimately total health and happiness? How are you going to give in a way that makes the world a kinder, less divisive and more supportive place? And what are you ready to receive as a direct response to the art you are creating?

Click here now to learn more about my forthcoming new program. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re still reading this, I have a feeling it’s for you.

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