Creating Life-Transforming Results with Catherine Farquharson

On My Mind Podcast - Episode 2 Catherine Farquharson

In my first interview for the On My Mind Podcast, I reached out to a longtime friend of mine, Catherine Farquharson. Once a prolific photographer, charging premium rates and booked solid, she made the decision to change course. What felt like overnight from an observer, Catherine gave up photography and launched her coaching business.

From the outside, this could seem to be a puzzling decision. Doesn’t the world have more than enough coaches?

In this intimate conversation, Catherine and I go deep on how she came to this decision, but more so, how liberating it is to ask yourself big questions and be brave enough to answer them.

This is a conversation that will impact how you think about your own reality, the path that you are on, and perhaps even spark the courage to listen to the little whisper in your mind and turn up the volume.


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Covered In This Episode

  • Why Meghan chose Catherine as the very first guest on her podcast
  • How Catherine made an enormous shift from professional photography to mindset coaching
  • Breaking down limitations and fears about the boxes that you (or others) put yourself in
  • How to manage the transition between what you’re currently doing and what you really want to do
  • Ditching the safety net and going for what you want, and how to deal with ‘goal hangover’
  • The big transitions and decisions that can change the trajectory of all of our lives – and how to make them
  • How purpose-driven living and making transitions impact your social circle and relationships, and handling people who no longer serve you
  • The primary reason why people are afraid of mindset work and personal growth
  • Managing romantic relationships, finding the right partner fit, and how to make the big relationship decisions
  • Meghan and Catherine’s decision-making processes around whether to have children
  • How to deal with other people who are commenting on and judging your choices
  • The secret to quickly getting results in your business and career
  • The one habit we can all do that can change the world

MEET Catherine Farquharson

Creating Life-Transforming Results with Catherine Farquharson

Catherine Farquharson is a certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Timeline Therapy & Heartmath, and is among the top elite group of success coaches in the world with Bob Proctor.

Achieving peak performance often requires a profound shift in one’s relationship to oneself, and Catherine’s work centres on helping women remove the mental blocks that interfere with her ability to achieve full expression of who she is.

Catherine’s superpower is her ability to ask the right question at the right time to cut through the BS of your paradigm that holds you back.  She helps you see the world anew, and show up in it in such a way to have the life and business you really want. 

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Quote by Catherine Farquharson - Episode 2 of the On My Mind Podcast

Photography by Shannon LaLiberte/FoundHer Productions

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