Dramatically Increase Magic In Your Life

Increase the magic in your life

I’ve had the great fortune of being immersed in a lot of magic lately. I’ve seen the evolution of my Culinary Nutrition Expert students as they’ve grown through the course of the program, and I’ve watched it continue with our Biz Rocking training. I’ve also seen it happening with our From Scratch Cooking fundraiser as hundreds of you have stepped forward to support the community. Do you want to increase the magic in your life, too?

With what we are exposed to out in the world, it can be significantly easier to focus on the challenges we are experiencing rather than the stuff that’s working. And given how we curate our lives on social media, it can also seem like everyone’s got the magic happening except us.

I wanted to share a little wand waving magic strategies with you. “Magic”, by the way, often goes by the names: luck, good fortune, miracles, serendipity, coincidence and ease. Let’s live with more of that, right?

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In our day-to-day lives we can forget the simple fact that there are actually amazing things happening in every moment, and instead focus our energy on our fears and worries. I call this The Fear Detective. We get an idea in our minds and let the fear detectives run through our memory and imagination and gather evidence to support the fear. The problem with this is that most of what we gather to support our idea isn’t real. The even bigger problem here is that if we choose to believe that it is all real, we often end up proving ourselves right by making it happen.

In today’s video, I offer an alternative to The Fear Detectives with a simple alternative that will make your life much easier, happier, and, well, more magical. Seriously! This is how to increase the magic in your life.

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Please take a moment and post a comment below of a little glint of magic in your day.

I’ll start. I think it’s pretty incredible that I have the ability to have an idea, make a video about it, post it to the internet and be able to share it with you. And you, wherever you are on the whole entire planet, can essentially watch it on your computer or even in the palm of your hand. Seriously. That’s amazing!


  1. Often it’s the smallest things – remembering things we take for granted. Like the magic of running water (or the magic of being in a country that has it) gives us the time to create our own magic.

  2. Thanks Meghan – lovely words and very wise.
    you’re an optimistic doll and its very nice that we (the public) can benefit from all your “happiness”

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