Showing Up: This Is Your Time

Showing Up

I can’t recall when it was that I last sat down to write a post of this nature but every week can feel like a lifetime these days. After a period of feeling rather exhausted, new work, a new desire to serve is inviting me to show up in a new way. It has me thinking that we all need to be showing up right now. This is your time!

In the Spring of 2022, I wrapped up the live delivery of my two newest offerings, 4 Week Wake-Up and the Rise + Shine Intuition Masterclass.

I can’t speak for my participants, though many expressed a similar sentiment, but for me – sharing these workshops with the group offered a profound dose of peace to my soul. It’s the only way, however “woo woo” it may sound, that I can explain it.

We came together with a shared desire to live a life that is more at ease, tuned in, real and purpose-driven. It was refreshing, to be honest. But the fear persisted.

This past May marked fifeteen years since I started my company and in that time I have launched dozens, maybe even more than a hundred things – products, books, courses, events and a school.

Every time I create and get ready to put something out in the world, I am overcome with both fear that I am out of my depth and fear that no one will come along.

The same held true for this offering, which, by the way, I am re-releasing as one consolidated, self-paced course called Rise and Shine, so if you missed out on the live run, it’s not too late.

Rise and Shine

Here is the thing though– the work that I do feels purpose-driven for me. It gives me a sense of meaning. As such, to resist the inspiration, I have come to learn, is impossible. It only grows in my mind until it becomes all-consuming. Taking action becomes the only option.

Overcoming fear and building confidence

As we explored in the last week of the Wake-Up series, when seeking our purpose it all comes down to answering the question “How can I serve?”. For this reason, even though nearly every single day for the last fifteen years I wake up in the morning with some level of doubt and fear, I do it anyway. I move forward because I have learned to allow the drive towards fulfilling on my calling to be stronger than my fear or doubt.

This is how we continue to gain confidence and trust in ourselves to speak what is true; to say out loud (or via Instagram or Twitter or in friendly, calm and curiosity-driven conversations!) what so many people are thinking but are afraid to say.

See, when we can be grounded as the authentic superhumans that we are for most of our day, in the work we do, the relationships we keep, and the conversations we have, then what we are doing is strengthening our personal authority which directly dims the noise and demands from the outside world.

We get to enjoy the strength and calm that comes from building our confidence in being exactly who we are.

This is possible for everyone.

It’s not a special skill or knowledge you need to get from someone else.  It’s simply about taking the time to tune in and pay attention to what your soul is trying to tell you — maybe you call it an inner voice, that feeling in the pit of your stomach, instinct, intuition or a hunch. (How you describe it is irrelevant).

The fact is, when the path is right, you feel it. The energy is there. The inspiration is there. Yes, it may feel uncomfortable. There may be stress, fear and anxiety. But consider for a moment whether those nerves are actually part of your breaking through to living a bigger and more truth-driven life as you move closer to thriving in the full expression of who you are?

This, my friend, is how you get your energy, your inspiration, and your spark back.

This is where you get your life back.

Do you know where it starts? It begins with personal responsibility.

Now, this is something that has waned in popularity in the mainstream paradigm of late. It is of course a lot easier to blame rules, regulations, people, and circumstances outside ourselves for our current state of being — but that’s not going to change it. 

You get to write and re-write the instructions for how you operate in your life. Might I suggest that it is time, maybe even past due, that you write the instructions that invite you to live a life that gives you a sense of meaning, purpose and being of service? A way of living that is real and truthful and brave? Can you do it? Maybe you already are.

It’s time to live a big life.

This isn’t in an ego-driven / selfie-taking / public persona / public acceptance / out THERE thing. 

This isn’t about that at all.

This is about tuning in and rising up, ditching any fear or reservations you have about pursuing what brings you into the full expression of who you are. If we all operated from this place for as many minutes or hours of the day as we could manage, we’d be living in a very different world — on both the individual scale and the big wide world scale of things.

It is time to get your groove back, or maybe get to know it for the first time. 

your time

Where to start?

If you have absolutely no clue what your first move is, I have some suggestions. 

That class/skill/thing you’ve been thinking about learning – do that. Sign up, get started, and make it happen. Do it.

The offering I have that swings that door wide open is the Culinary Nutrition Expert Program, which is my flagship baby. Yes, it’s about cooking but anyone who has done it will tell you it is also about a whole lot more. It’s about asking big questions, learning how to find the answers, experiencing firsthand what you are capable of and how transformations can feel when guided gently. This program challenges, supports, connects and inspires. It will shift your confidence and motivation in the kitchen, but also in your life. 

If you’re curious about the impact this offering has had on those who have done it, try a sample class. What would you like to learn? How to make a dairy-free, protein rich milk? Or how about some sauerkraut?

Lastly, if you want to tune in to that inner voice and take a low-risk dive into some of the things I’ve shared here, check out Rise and Shine, my newest instant-access course that will help you upgrade how you operate.

Rise and Shine

Ultimately– just start.

Stand up, feet firmly planted on the earth, letting your heart lead the way. It’s time to shine.

Sending big love to you!

On My Mind Episode 31: Showing Up: This Is Your Time

Showing Up

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