Why This All Matters Right Now

Why This Matters

Today was the date that many of us, at least here in Ontario, had locked in our minds that all would return to business as usual. I think most of us knew, however, that this wouldn’t really be the case. Today’s date has also been locked into my mind for some time for another reason.

It is the day we swing open the doors and open registration for the 2020 Culinary Nutrition Expert Program. When considering the recent global shift and turn of events, I have spent my share of time wondering, What will this mean? and ultimately landed exactly where I am most of the time. The work I do in sharing information and inspiration on how to live a fulfilled, healthy, conscious and happy life feels more urgent than ever. This matters so very much. All of it. We are in a crisis of resilience and our best defence begins in the kitchen.

Why This All Matters Right Now

These global events have shifted the conversation. Everyone is talking about hand washing and sanitizing – but what about what’s at the root? Our immune health and resilience. Suddenly we are wanting to do everything we can to protect our health and the health of our loved ones and these current events are shifting people’s lifestyles back to the basics. This is at the core of what we teach. This is what we do!

My team and I have been working around the clock as we enhance our Culinary Nutrition Expert Program offering to make it the most enriching and powerful experience it’s ever been. The times call for it. Now more than ever, the information shared in this program is critical.

Most of what’s written here is excerpted from the personal note I send to my subscribers on a monthly basis – we received so much feedback about the hope it’s lending, that I thought I’d share it here.

I have been reading and researching in a deep way. This virus does scare me, beyond the threat to our own health and predominantly those who are immune-compromised, but more so, how rapidly this has swept the planet.

Ultimately I ask, how do we ensure this never happens again? How do we become a resilient community, restore resilience to our climate, and become a resilient global population?

And I’ll just pop in here and say our resilience themed 2020 Masterclass is going ahead – but now exclusively online. This is a day that has become even more vital than ever.

What I find profoundly inspiring is how exceptionally quick action can be implemented at the top level when it’s deemed critical enough. I mentioned the climate just before. We are not passive observers of our eco-system. We are a part of it. Climate change doesn’t just affect weather patterns and our oceans; it affects our food supply and our own personal health and safety. It affects our resilience.

Why This All Matters Right Now

This is uncomfortable for all of us, however, I hold great hope that once this immediate threat subsides, we will experience a lasting, positive impact on how we live, how we connect with each other, our consumption patterns and a newfound gratitude for our freedom to move through life as we choose.

Why This All Matters Right Now

This article from Yale Environment 360, holds many gems of wisdom on what the coronavirus is teaching us about the planet including this statement.

Maybe the virus is teaching us, forcing us, to be more mindful – pushing us towards more self-reliance, self-sufficiency, and reminding us of the joys and delights that come from the simple things of life. And perhaps we are finding ways to contentedly make do with what we have. In summary, we are learning how to live more with less.

These are the things that are filling my thoughts, most often at 4am. Are you up then, too? Call me!

Because my personal mental health relies on feeling like I am of service. I will continue to serve – whether that means working from the bathroom (the only locking room in our house), squeezing something in during nap time, getting out of bed when it’s still dark, or sacrificing a little Netflix and chill time to think and write. I will continue on as I do. As we all have to.

Just as I was setting up the Academy of Culinary Nutrition to run without me being regularly present, I am in deeper than ever, ensuring I can best serve my newest Culinary Nutrition Expert students, our graduates and all of you who continue to seek my guidance.

In great health,







  1. Thank you, Meghan… as always … you are a voice of wisdom, basic good sense… caring… and inpsiration… thank you, especially now for all you’re putting out there… I’m home while my kids are working at home with their toddler… and my daughter in Belgium works on her own at home too. Your tips are so solid and good… thank you.. food prep is now one of the first best lines of defence… and I appreciate the basics I’ve learned from you!
    Be well.,
    Hope your parents…and all your immediates… are in good shape and stay well,

  2. So impressed with you, your husband and your ideas on how u are running your
    business. I know quite a few of the members of your family so I know your roots I knew your Grandparents on your Dad’s side. I know your Umcle in Victoria etc. Complimenting both you and your husband on finding a way to teach others. I am also a Fan of both your parents . Do your thing and I know you will Soar with the eagles. Bravo!

    Karla Marks

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