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5 Films That Can Transform Your Thinking


A few years ago I wrote a post called 5 Films That Can Change Your Life. The films I list there are as relevant today as they were then. In many ways, I wish that weren't the case. I wish GMOs were now labelled, if not banned, and I wish charities were most honest about how the money from pink ribbon campaigns was actually used, and that serious actions were now being taken to support our changing climate.

What is exciting to see is that change is happening - but it's not coming from up top. It's coming from us, down here, making noise, making more conscious purchases and raising awareness, which in turn is raising the standards of the brands we love.

And so, just in time for the season when we like to curl up with some tea and hunker down, here are the top 5 films I saw this year that had an impact on my view of the world and the choices I make.

The Human Experiment

About: This film tells the story of people who believe their serious health challenges are attributed to the hazardous chemicals that are permitted in everyday home and beauty care products.

What You'll Learn: More than you want to know about the failure to effectively test and regulate the chemicals that are present in our everyday products, and their proven negative health effects.

Who should watch it: Everyone! Especially parents with small children or who are planning to conceive, anyone with known allergies and chemical sensitivities, and I think this will especially resonate with teenagers who may be just getting into the world of personal care products and cosmetics.

You'll be inspired to... Take a second look at the products you use every day in your home and start making cleaner choices.


The True Cost

About: You know those "fast fashion" brands that allow us to buy jeans for $20 and t-shirts for $5? It may be cheap for us, but the cost on the planet and the people overseas making them is huge.

What You'll Learn: You'll visit those overseas factories and meet the people who are working there, as well as see the environmental impact of cheap shopping habits. You'll learn how our consumption habits of disposable clothing and new trends every season impacts the health of the makers and the planet.

Who should watch it: Everyone who wears clothes! This is especially important for those of you who love shopping (especially at stores like Forever 21, H&M, Old Navy...basically most of the mall brands) and always want to have the next trendy thing. The film isn't intended to inspire guilt, but to educate us about what to look for when shopping and how we can make more responsible shopping decisions.

You'll be inspired to.... Start paying more attention to your shopping habits, and perhaps start buying less and spend a bit more on better quality things that will last.


Merchants Of Doubt

About: How are there still doubters of climate change? How did cigarettes make it into the mainstream before it was revealed that they cause cancer when the makers new all along? Why is our sofa filled with up to two pounds of flame retardants? Watch and learn!

What You Will Learn: A touch of self control as you try not to shake the man pictured above in the freeze frame of the trailer. You will also learn why it is so important as consumers that we both trust our instincts and do our own research.

Who should watch it: Everyone! But definitely the people who place all their trust in government regulations to look our for our best interests when it comes to food, pharma and the chemicals used in our everyday products. It's also a great film for those who currently trust that GMOs are harmless and safe. There's a lesson in this film for all of us.

You'll be inspired to... Ask big questions, and perhaps even wonder what product we currently accept as safe that will be the next cigarette. Is it GMOs? Is it wifi? Is it cell phones? Yes, so many questions.


Before the Flood

About: Travel around the globe with Leonardo DiCaprio and see firsthand how the habits of us here in North America are affecting climates and communities around the world. One of my favourite quotes in this movie is from the head of a small island country that said, "Those that are impacted the most, contribute to the problem the least." And right there, that is the issue.

What You Will Learn: How our daily habits are having a rapidly growing impact on the planet.

Who Should Watch It: Everyone! This is a film for those of us who think we're too small to make a difference. It is the actions of each one of us that add up to big change.

You'll Be Inspired To... Live a little more simply. It can only do us and the rest of the world good.


AWAKE: The Life of Yogananda

About: I first read this book ten years ago when I was introduced to yoga and meditation. This film explores the life of the man who brought yoga and meditation to the west. You'll see how what was first met with resistance has become part of everyday life for many of us.

What You Will Learn: How one person can truly impact a nation simply by living and practicing their own truth.

Who Should Watch It: Anyone who practices yoga or meditation, or anyone who says things like "I really need to start doing yoga", or "I know I should meditate." And anyone who is feeling like life is just a little too much sometimes.

You'll Be Inspired To... Sit down every day and take a few moments of silence to listen to your breath and connect inwards. Truly. Watching this documentary kickstarted my meditation practice once again.


3 Responses to “5 Films That Can Transform Your Thinking”

  1. Barbara Bushe said…
    Thanks Meghan, I always like what you're putting down! (and with such style I might add!) Barb The Point of Light, Body, Mind, Spirit Store and Centre
  2. Rebecca O. said…
    Thank you so much for sharing this great list and all your candor and honesty generally! You are so inspiring and light up so many lives!
  3. Amanda said…
    Pretty much wanted to sleep forever after watching Before the Flood. :/

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