Episode 06: Creating Inner Alchemy with Xavier Dagba

OMM Podcast Episode #6 Interview Xavier Dagba

I started to see people in my network sharing quote graphics from Xavier. Time after time, they were spot on. Then I started following him and very quickly accepted that this person is in so many ways a sage of our times. He has a deep knowing, a calm delivery, and a judgment-free way of delivering profound wisdom.

I could have chatted forever with Xavier. His warmth, kindness and compassion is contagious in the most positive way. He reminded me that we always have a choice of how we want to show up in the world and move forward to a future that is more loving and compassionate.


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covered in this episode

  • The work Xavier does and why it’s important and impactful
  • Why Xavier left a PhD program in economics to take an entirely different career path as a transformational life coach – and what he lost when he shared this change with family and friends
  • What inner alchemy is all about and how it can help us connect with our true health, healing, and happiness
  • Strategies for maintaining inner calm and staying grounded in the face of external chaos
  • Xavier’s go-to mantra and affirmations that will inspire you
  • How compassion is the key to transforming businesses, systems, personal relationships and community
  • The concept of shadow work and how we can integrate our shadows into our lives
  • How compassion and capitalism can work together with humanity
  • Steps to breaking free from other people’s opinions of you and gaining the confidence to embrace your true path
  • How to make powerful and important choices that are free from fear
  • Whether we need to unpack childhood traumas and conditioning to heal
  • Guidance for parents or other caregivers who are raising children during these challenging times
  • The practices that will help you tune into your inner truth
  • The one thing he recommends we all do to get centered

Meet xavier dagba

Xavier Dagba

Xavier is a trauma-informed transformational life coach, shadow work facilitator, and intuitive healer. It is his firm belief that personal freedom can only be achieved when we allow ourselves to welcome the wisdom hidden within every emotional state, good or “bad”.

His own transformational journey brought him to dive into the universe of shadow work and that only when you are willing to integrate your shadows, can you fully claim your power. When you go through that path, you begin to lead your life from your heart and not from your wounds.

He feels alive the most when he helps people shed their limitations, heal, claim their power, live a life of purpose, and tap into their full potential.

Xavier Dagba
Inner Alchemy Circle

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On My Mind Podcast Ep 6 - quote by Xavier Dagba

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